Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th July 2016 Written Episode

Rishi asks Pavan what he did to Manpreet, Pavan smirks that he won’t be able to do anything. Raaj calls them all inside, Pavan heads ahead of Rishi. Raaj forces Rishi to go inside, their vermala would be together. Pavan holds Rishi’s hand and walks inside.
In Pavan’s room, Manpreet lay on the floor, his hands and foot tied. Manpreet curses himself for not being attentive, he was upset that Rishi’s wedding must have begun by now. He struggles to get rid of his hands and feet.
Bee ji comes to UV worried that Rishi is upset. UV says maybe it’s because Manpreet isn’t here, but he will soon come. Neha comes down stairs and reach the stage to confront Rishi. Ahna brings Tannu downstairs. Rishi turns to look at her in the bridal attire. Bani offers the Vermala to Pavan and Tannu, then Rishi
and Neha. Pavan put the Vermala in Tannu’s neck, it was Rishi’s turn. Tannu watches him as he completes the ritual. Neha was excited about putting it around Rishi’s neck, while Tannu upset. Rishi stares at her, recalling a childhood event in which he put mangal sooter around Tannu’s neck. Rishi wipes his tear. Swati whispers into Neha’s ear that this is her green card to go to USA. Neha was curt that Rishi is still staring Tannu.
Pavan congratulates Rishi and calls for celebration, wedding rituals have begun. There must be a hug today and forcefully hugs him. He whispers in Rishi’s ear that he is a lost lover, he couldn’t save his love. Raaj and Rano come on stage to congratulate Rishi, Raaj hugs him and asks if it was a huge celebration or not? He then comes to hug Pavan. Tannu watches him tearfully, Raaj recalls his words last day about making her a daughter in law and leaves keeping a hand over her head. Sukhval and Savitri come on stage and asks Rishi about Manpreet. Rishi comes downstairs and inquires UV about Manpreet. Rishi informs UV that Pavan knows already that there was camera in the flower vase, he sends UV to look for Manpreet.
Bani comes to Tannu congratulating as her father’s last wish was fulfilled today. Tannu touches Savitri and Sukhval’s feet. Savitri was in a hurry to take the rounds. Saloni stops Ahna’s way saying she must not be upset, all relations of Tannu have now changed. Ahna wonders why this Saloni has been so curt. Saloni comes to congratulate Tannu, and wonders how pretty she would look when pregnant. Pavan notices Tannu staring Rishi. He strictly tells Tannu there is an end to her love story with Rishi, now she must be a good bride and only look at him and not any stranger.
Rano asks the brides to go and change their dress for the wedding vows. Tannu passes Rishi with tears in her eyes. Rishi prays for Manpreet’s well-being. Ahna stared Tannu, Tannu insists she is happy. Ahna says this means she know she isn’t happy. Tannu recalls she left the dress with Bani and sends her to bring it. When she was alone she recalls the day Rishi had put sindoor in her head partition. Raaj comes to her room then. He asks if he asks is she happy, it would be unjust because her sadness is visible. He apologizes Tanvi, as there are huge difference between them because of birth charts. He wants Rishi to live a long life. We have to abide by the promises time makes us do this.

PRECAP: Pavan hits Ahna in the corridor and warns her as anyone else could have taken advantage of her. Ahna comes to Rishi and suggests him to run away with Tannu, lovers aren’t afraid of anyone.

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