Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd March 2016 Written Episode

Rajeshwari stops Rana ji, she says he must first take his medicines as no one takes care of him better than her. She mixes a tablet in water, and thinks now Rana ji and Savitri will both see. Rajeshwari watches from the door what goes inside.
Savitri thinks Rana ji is so peaceful she must talk about Raaj mata. She sits besides him and says her mother makes really nice sweet, she will make it one day too. Rana ji tells her to shut up, get up and get out. He holds her hand and takes her out shutting the door. Savitri thinks that he was fine by now, it means this is the side effect of medicine.
Bari Rani Maa asks Kunwar ji and Kokilla about the progress of Lakhan. She fears what if Rajeshwari succeeds in getting an heir first… Rajeshwari comes inside and tells her to cut her wrists herself then. She comes inside and says that now Rana ji only takes medicine from her hand, she will show them her real face, will given an heir to Amirkot and get them thrown out of Amirkot. She challenges Bari Rani Maa openly, she will beat her in her own game. Kunwar ji says it is time to send Rajeshwari to her brother. Bari Rani maa warns Kunwar ji that in palace air also holds ears, Rajeshwari has to live now and she will handle her.
Lakhan jumps in a window at night, and helps doctor inside as well. The doctor was worried what they were coming here like this. Lakhan gets him inside, they come to corridor. Savitri comes from behind, she asks the doctor to inspect Rana ji. The doctor says he is taking English medicines, Savitri says they don’t trust those medicines. He won’t come to know about it, he must inspect him when he will be asleep. The doctor panics that if Rana ji wakes up, he will also be killed besides Gayatri.
Swarna thinks about Lakhan as she watches moon from her window. Lakhan comes behind her and asks if she is thinking about him. She cheers and turns to call his name, he shuts her mouth.
Gayatri tells the doctor that Rana ji won’t wake up, she keeps her hand on Rana ji. The doctor denies touching him and asks her to check his pulse. She says it is 70. Rana ji turns around then taking her hand in his arm’s fold. Gayatri remembers her times with him.
Swarna says that Laksh said he had left. Lakhan says if she accepted? Swarna says he had left once before as well. Lakhan says he won’t repeat his mistake, he just went out of sight. Swarna says she wanted to say something to him for a long time, she says she only wants to see him, else thinks about him. He was always with her. She was about to say something but pants…. Lakhan asks her to say it. She says she loves him very much. Lakhan tells her that he also loves her a lot. They hug. Laksh was coming towards his room.
Gayatri carefully withdraws her hand, the doctor asks her to check the pulse on neck. She says she doesn’t understand this, he must do it himself. The doctor’s hand shivers, Rana ji turns around. The doctor lay down on bed, Rana ji wakes up and asks who is there. He was shocked to see Savitri there on the bed side.
Lakhan and Swarna hear Laksh coming in the room. Lakhan hides behind the partition. Laksh says to Swarna if she is standing alone, the one he has been waiting for will never come again. Swarna says this isn’t a new thing as she was always alone. Laksh clutches her jaw. Swarna joins her hands and says she will accept whatever he would ask her. Laksh leaves the room. Swarna was relieved. Lakhan tells her not to be afraid, nothing will happen to him.
Rana ji asks Savitri what she is doing so late at night. She was speechless. She offers him water and says she thought he must be thirsty. He asks how she knew about it. Savitri says in the relation of owner and a maid, one knows what the other wants. She tells Rana ji to sleep now. Rana ji asks her to shut the lights off. Savitri points at the doctor to go out.
The doctor tells Lakhan and Gayatri that they were right, there is something wrong in medicine. There was difference between the two pulses, the medicine is making him even worse. Gayatri thinks that Rajeshwari wanted the doctor that Rana ji never gets fine. The doctor says he is giving a herb, it will save Rana ji from any worse effects of medicine and will stay calm, he asks who will give the medicine to him? Gayatri says she will, from today her only goal is to give the right medicine to Rana ji.
In the morning, Rajeshwari brings medicine to Rana ji. Savitri loses her control and fell over Rana ji. Rajeshwari asks if she is blind. Savitri says she can even put a thread in needle in dark at night. Rajeshwari asks how she fell down then. Savitri again goes over Rana ji and says this way. Rana ji says she must have slipped and asks Savitri to look for medicine. Savitri exchange the medicine with the original one. Rajeshwari smiles at Savitri that her smile will soon be lost. Savitri thinks that from now, Rana ji will have medicine and not the poison. Rajeshwari leaves.

PRECAP: Rana ji says his mother and his wife planned against him. Savitri says that when God will ask him, he must not regret that he didn’t even give her a chance to explain.

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