Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th July 2016 Written Episode

Rani cheers Raja while Jeewan watches this. Bari Rani Maa comes to Jeewan and provokes Jeewan that Raja is always preferred over him. Raja and Rani come to the hall, Bindu inquires where he had gone. She insists on Raja to sing for her. Rani leaves their side. Bindu requests Raja, Rani nods at him from a distance. He smiles and gets his guitar, naming the evening to a girl who is most important for him in this world. Rani shies away at the song, Raja’s friend tease him for whom the song was. Meenu comes to insist the song was for her, Rani denies. Raja’s friends come to complain he never gives them anytime. Raja signals Rani while she takes a side. Bari Rani Maa and Bindu watch this, Rani goes towards the table and ask for different eatables for Raja. He nods at Samosas, she then ask
his consent for sauces. Bindu whispers in her friend’s ears. Bari Rani Maa calls Raja, and asks him to get Bindu’s gift from jeweler she had ordered. Raja looks towards Rani, then abides by Bari Rani Maa. Rani turns to watch Raja gone away, while Bindu;s friend come to push the plate over Rani’s dress. Bindu comes to scold her friend and demands her to apologize Rani, she taunts that Rani must have a single dress and forcefully takes Rani to change.
Rani comes downstairs changed in Bindu’s dress, and wonders where Raja has been. She has to go back to hostel. A friend of Bindu steps up at Rani’s dress and she fell on the ground hurting her hand. Bindu says nothing has changed, she only heard history repeats itself. Something similar had happened 10 years ago as well. Rani remembers Raja cursing her that day. She wanted to look rich 10 years ago as well, and is striving for it even today. The truth is, she was a maid yesterday and is a maid today as well. Rani insists the truth is that she is Rani today and was a Rani yesterday, who lived on her own. But someone grown up on parent’s money will never understand this, she pushes Bindu away but Bindu holds her hand back. Bindu says she isn’t worth being in Raja’s life, Bari Rani Maa had recognized her well before to be greedy; that is why she became Raja’s friend in a single night; getting ready and using Jeewan to make Raja jealous. She understands her plans well, but she won’t allow her use Dovey. Rani shouts at her to stop it, she came to party for Raaj but she was idiot and never considered if one shakes hand with thorns it pricks you. One can only be friends with one’s own status, she can’t fall to Bindu’s level and leave the hall.
Jeewan stops Rani in the way, she insists on leaving. Jeewan calls them jealous and this is the reason they always does this. Rani turns to leave as she can no more bear their taunts and insults. Jeewan holds her hand promising not to leave his friend alone. He watches the bruise over Rani’s hand and tires a handkerchief over it. Raja comes to the door and watches them together. Jeewan says a friend in need is a friend indeed, she must call him anytime. She nods. Bari Rani Maa comes to Raja and stops him from going ahead, she already told him this is the worth of maids. They never take time to hold another hand, he had to break his money bank in childhood, and he had to go to his hostel because of her. But she again gave him the same gift as ten years ago, betrayal. Raja comes towards Rani enraged.
Bari Rani Maa calls that she has never seen a player like Rani before, she used him and Jeewan in her game. She went with the younger boy as soon as the elder one got away from sight. Rani tries to explain Raja, but he shuts her up. Bari Rani Maa reminds Raja that a person who is betrayed for once is unlucky, but the one who gets the betrayal for second time is an idiot. He has been unlucky, but shouldn’t be idiot and throw this girl away from the palace and his life. Raja clutches Rani’s arm tight. Bindu and her friends cheer watching this as Raja drags her to confront Bari Rani Maa. He decisively announces that none will utter a single word against Rani, not even Bari Rani Maa.

PRECAP: Raja accuses Bari Rani Maa of hurting her before, but today she will apologize Rani.

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