Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 7th September 2016 Written Episode

Diwakar cries in front of his mom and tells she lived like a queen when dad was alive, now she has to see bad times because of him. She says his good nature is most important to her than wealth. He then walks towards temple and sees Prabhath crying sitting in front of god’s idol. Prabhath sees him and cries loudly hugging him and says he broke Mittal family’s heart, god will never forgive him.

At Saachi’s house, Vaibhav asks family why did Sethia’s broke alliance without any reason. Aunt says whatever happens is for good. Viren asks how can she say that.

Aryan’s cousins tells him elders should not have broken alliance, Saachi bhabhi was so perfect for him. Tanu also says same to Saachi and says she should know the reason why alliance was broken. Saachi calls Aryan and asks reason for breakup. He says he cannot say anything and is just following elder’s decision.

Viren recites ramayan and prays god for Saachi’s brighter future. Kusum asks what is he doing. He says he prayed god for Saachi’s brighter future and to give whatever is best for her. Family sits for dinner and nobody eats. Saachi serves them and tries to cheer them up. She gets Aryan’s call.

Precap: Aunt requests Patni to reconsider Rishi and Saachi’s alliance. Saachi gets Aryan’s call.

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