Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 5th December 2016 Written Episode

Aryan tries to feed chat to Saachi, but she coughs and drops chat spoon. Aryan rushes to bring water for her and when he returns, Saachi says she finished chat. He asks so early. She says it was very tasty, so finished it hurriedly. She pays chatwala and walks out with Aryan huriedly.

Sketch artist prepares Sushanth’s sketch as per Mala’s description. Mala rushes happily to show it to Viren. Sonu’s cricket ball hits paper and it falls in dirt. Mala scolds Sona. Virens ays they will get another sketch. Mala says artist went out of station for 2 days. Viren says so what, after 2 days, they can get one more sketch.

At Sethia bhavan, Neeti prepares Sushanth and Priyanka’s collage and shows it to Prabhath and Diwakar. They say it is
really nice. She asks where are Saachi bhabhisa and Aryan bhaisa, why did not they come home yet. Saachi and Aryan enter. Sarita looks at chat stain on Saachi’s sari. Saachi says they stopped to have chat. Sarita scolds that she should have finished the work she took first. Saachi looks at Neelima and says she did not eat anything, Ramji’s promise. Neelima says she trusts her.

Saachi goes to her room and sees lots of balloons. Aryan gives her anniversary card. Saachi says it is Priyanka and Sushanth’s anniversary and they just married 3 months ago. Aryan says he can celebrate anniversary each month with her and signals her for a dance in Kuch kuch hota hai SRK’s style. She also signals back like Kajol. He shows mobile/music and says let us dance. She shies and they both dance.

Priyanka comes to living room wearing a beautiful sari. Whole family say she is looking ery beautiful. Neelima asks what is the occasion. Daadi says today is janmastami. Priyanka gets sad that they forgot her marriage annivesary. She gets her friends call who wishes her and invites her for a lunch outing. Priyanka asks Diwakar’s permission. Diwakar says she should go and enjoy. Once Priyanka leaves, Diwakar speaks to Purshotam and says his daughter went out and now they have time to decorate house.

Whole family gets busy decorating house. Saachi gives her designed bright colored waist coat to Diwakar and requests him to wear it. He says he did not wear such bright color in life. Sarita says same. Diwakar sees Saachi’s sad face and says he will wear it. Saachi gets very happy. Diwkar tells Sarita they will get family bangles from locker for Priyanka. Sarita walks with him angrily fuming at Saachi. Saachi then taunts Aryan that he lost his bet and she convinced babasa to wear her designed jacket.

Aryan goes to his in-laws house to invite them. Kusum serves him snacks and goes to call Viren. Aryan notices Sushanth’s sketch on table and looks at it carefully.

Rest comming soon.

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