Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 3rd January 2017 Written Episode

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Tanu catches Aryan and Saachi when Aryan meets Saachi disguised as technician and saves them from Chandra on time. She demands movies a week and chocs from Aryan. Aryan laughs and agrees.

At Sethia bhavan, to cheer up Priyanka, Sarita with family calls her down and offers her favorite kachoris. Prabhat tells Sushanth that he should take Priyanka for his business trip and go on a Kashmir vacation after that. Sonu comes seeing kachoris and says kachoris are his favorite. Priyanka angrily leaves. Sarita yells at Sonu and he worriedly runs towards Sushanth. Aryan enters and picking kachoris says they did not have home made kachoris since a long time. Beard falls from his pocket. Sarita picks it and asks what is this. Aryan says his friend is organizing ramayan play and
ravan did not turn up, so he played Ravan’s role. Everyone laugh he does not look like Ravan.

Aryan goes to his room and chats with Saachi. They both chat happily. Aryan says soon he may come to her home with divorce papers. At Mittal house, family enjoys tea sitting in garden. Vaibhav tells Viren that he has fixed his doc appointment. Viren says he knows. Aryan enter with Prabhath and gives divorce papers to Saachi. Viren fumes and says his daughter is not a burden for him and asks Saachi to sign papers. Saachi says she will not sign divorce papers. Chandra asks why. Kusum asks why they want divorce for silly reasons. Chandra yells why she is stopping Saachi. Saachi says she will read the legal documents carefully and will check howmuch compensation she is getting, then she will sign divorce papers. Prabhath confronts and Saachi insults him and Aryan. Viren says yes, they will check legalities first and then sign papers. Aryan returns.

Prabhath informs family about Saachi denying to sign papers and needs compensation. SArita shouts that she will do anything to free Aryan from Saachi’s grip and asks him to tell saachi she will get whatever money she wants to divorce Aryan. Prabhath says he will inform Saachi’s family via their lawyer. Sarita shouts once divorce is finalized, she will remarry Aryan immediately. Aryan informs Saachi same. Saachi panics that their plan backfired. Aryan asks her not to worry as maasa will not find girl soon and they can finish their plan by then.

Sarita discusses with Neelima how to find a good girl for Aryan soon. Priyanka walks down speaking over phone to her papa about her cousin sister that she is very educated and is young, so mamaji need not worry about her marriage. She then tells Sarita that papa asked to inform if he finds a good match for cousin. Neelima says cousin is perfect for Aryan and they found girl. Aryan gets tensed and messages Saachi. Saachi calls him back, but Diwakar calls Aryan and he leaves ignoring her call.

Precap: Saachi throws stone in Aryan’s room and it hits Diwakar. Diwakar comes in balcony and sees Saachi.

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