Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 29th December 2016 Written Episode

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Diwakar scolds Aryan how can he and Saachi decide about separating without informing him, because of their fight, Viren met with an accident. Aryan says it is just a minor accident. Diwakar asks if he knew about it, then why did not he inform them. Aryan says what is the use when nobody would go there. Daadi says hhe has not yet divorced Saachi, so family should go there, even Viren had come to meet Diwakar when got a heart attack.

Saachi takes milk to Viren’s room and peeps in. She sees Tanya trying to fix Viren’s watch. Viren sees her and angrily asks Tanya why did Saachi come here. Saachi says she wants to touch his feet and apologize. Aryan comes with Diwakar and Sarita. Chandra shouts why did they come here after ruining Saachi’s life.
Viren and Saachi come down hearing Chandra’s voice. Chandra continues insulting Sarita and Diwakar. Aryan sees situation worsening and and confronts Chandra how can she misbehave with his parents. Chandra shouts when her neice has removed him from her life, he does not have right to call her aunty. Argument continues. Saachi takes Chandra’s side. Sarita yells she knew she was arrogant, but proved it today. Aryan interferes and starts fake argument with Saachi. Aryan gives Saachi’s items. Saachi asks him to get out of her house. Aryan leaves.

Saachi goes to her room and cries reminscing fighting with Aryan. She checks her items and finds her favorite donut box with Aryan’s note that she should never feel herself alone as he is with her always. She smiles and enjoys donut.

Sonu comes to Priyanka’s room and calls her maa. She scolds that she is not his mother. Son moves back and Priyanka/Sushanth’s marriage photoframe falls down breaking glass. Priyanka scolds him more. Sushanth comes and says Sunu must have dropped it by mistake. Priyanka yells at him to inform his son not to make forceful relationships.

Aryan calls Saachi while sleeping on bed and they both chat happily. Aryan sees someone coming into his room, informs Saachi and acts as sleeping. Sarita enters and pampers him and thinks she will not let her son suffer. In the morning, Sarita calls lawyer. Aryan comes down looking at office file. Sarita gives him a file and asks him to read it carefully and sign. Aryan opens file and is shocked to see divorce papers.

Saachi prepares paneer sandwich dhoklas for Viren and asks him to try. Viren angrily says he has stopped eating dhoklas and walks away. Chandra tells Saachi once she assures Viren that she has completely left Aryan and his family, he will forgive her. On the other side, Aryan asks why divorce papers. Sarita says after seeing Saachi’s misbehavior yesterday, she thought to better get rid of her before she does anything, he should read papers once and sign them. Aryan thinks he and Saachi did not think issue will go till divorce, what he should do now. He sees Daadi doing pooja around and loudly says he cannot wait for 6 months and wants divorce from Saachi immediately. Daadi is shocked to hear that and drops pooja thali.

Precap: Aryan enters Saachi’s house disguised as repairman and informs her that maasa wants him to divorce her. Saachi hugs him. Chandra is seen walking towards them.

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