Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th December 2016 Written Episode

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Aryan tells Saachi that they have to separate for their dear ones, else their dear ones will be in pain always because of them. Saachi says yes and says they have to clear both family’s differences with their sajedhari. Their emotional bonding continues. People pass with god’s idol and chanting god’s name. Saachi tells Aryan that god is with them and they both will reunite their families. They shakes hands and say partners for life and walk towards home

At Seshia bhavan, whole family is in living room. Diwakar asks where are Saachi and Aryan. Neelima comment who knows. Saachi enters acting as fighting with Aryan and Aryan comes behind her yelling. Diwakar asks what is happening. Aryan says everything is finished now. Saachi comes down holding
her suitcase and says she will not stay with him. Aryan shows her door. Diwakar asks what is all this. Saachi says she cannot stay with Aryan, she always tried to protect this family and took their side, but Aryan never respected her father and took his side. Daadi asks what happened suddenly, they were so compatible. Saachi says nothing happened suddenly, there is nothing good between them, she is tired of hiding their incompatability and apologizes Diwakar for any mistakes she did knowingly or unknowingly. Diwakar requests not to go. Saachi says she has to and walks towards door. Mansoor says he will drop her home. Saachi thanks him and says she will go herself and walks out home. She cries vigorously getting out of main door.

Saachi then gets into taxi and travels towards her parent’s house. Aryan feels really sad, calls her and asks if she is fine. She says if he is not fine, how can she be. They both discuss that they will do their best to reunite their family and get back together forever.

Diwakar tells Sarita how can Saachi leave home like this. Sarita brainwashes him that Saach is unpredictable as she told earlier and tries to justify how Saachi confronted her father yesterday and today she fought Aryan and left home. Diwakar says there is something wrong, there is some misunderstanding. Sarita tries to convince him. He walks away.

Aryan looks at Saachi’s pic and her items in room and cries touching them. Ek rishta sajhedari ka…song plays in the background. Viren enters. Aryan starts acting and throws Saachi’s items on floor and says he does not need anything of Saachi for whatever she did and tries to burn it. Diwakar holds his hand.

Precap: Sarita and Diwakar go to Viren’s house. Chandra insults them. Sarita gives divorce papers to Aryan and asks him to sign them after reading.

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