Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 27th December 2016 Written Episode

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Viren tells Saachi that he will not let her suffer in her in-laws’ house and drags her towards door. Sethia family stands silently. Saachi stops and says she cannot come. Kusum asks what is she telling. Saachi says this is her house now, this house and people are hers now, she learnt this from him. He says his teaching will not work now, this house will give only sorrows to her. Saachi says he taught her that in-laws house is her house after marriage, she cannot break his sanskars. Viren leaves her hand and says from now on, their relationship is over. He walks away angrily and Kusum walks behind. Chandra yells that Saachi will repent for this decision and leaves. Saachi shatters and falls down. Aryan runs and holds her.

Viren asks driver to get out and
gets into car. Kusum asks what is he doing. He says he trusted them and Saachi and they all betrayed him. He speeds car away. Kusum and Chandra get into taxi and follow him. Diwakar tells family that whatever happened just now is wrong and walks to his room. Saachi apologizes Sarita with folded hands. Sarita angrily looks at her and leaves followed by Prabhath and Neelima. Aryan tries to console Saachi. Viren drives car reminisces the incident and a does not notice an upcoming truck and rams his car to a tree. Kusum and Chandra stop car and are shocked to see Viren unconscious and severely injured.

Saachi tells Aryan she needs to talk to papa. Chandra calls her and informs that Viren met with an accident and is in hospital. Saachi drops mobile and rushes to hospital with Aryan. She hugs Kusum and asks how is papa. Vaibhav says papa is fine now. Saachi asks if she can meet papa now. Chandra says she cannot as doc asked not to give any tension to him. Saachi cries more loudly. Aryan asks to let her meet as she is already shattered.

Diwakar sits with family in living room and says whatever happened today was not good. Sarita looks at Priyanka and Sushanth’s marriage pics and then Saachi and Aryan’s and says Saachi ruined their family. Diwakar says she should not forget that Saachi chose them against her parents. Sarita says it is her trick. Daadi says why will she. Neelima says Saachi wants to prove herself great and prove them all wrong. Daadi says Aryan and Saachi’s compatability is very strong. Sarita says without family’s support, their compatibilty will break.

Saachi opens viren’s hospital room door. Doc tells Viren that he got a crack in his bone. Viren says this crack will heal, but what about the crack his dear ones gave on his heart and asks doc to close the door before any strangers enter. Doc asks Saachi to go out. Saachi requests t let her meet papa. Viren asks doc again to close door. Saachi cries hugging Chandra. Chandra says she is feeling bad when Viren called her stranger, she can imagine what Viren would hae felt when she took her in-laws’ side instead of him Kusum says everything will be alright. Doc informs Kusum that Viren wants to meet her. Chandra and Vaibhav follow Kusum in. Saachi runs from there.

Saachi goes to park and cries. Aryan consoles her. Saachi says she was papa’s pride, but papa does not want to see her face, nobody is happy. Aryan says everything will be fine soon. Saachi asks if they can go and stay far away from everyone. Aryan says without roots, stems cannot stay alive. Saachi asks if they have to separate then. Aryan says yes, for their family’s happiness, they have to.

Precap: Diwakar sees suitcase in Saachi’s hand and asks where is she going. Saachi says she cannot stay here suffocating all the time, so she has decided to separate from Aryan. She goes to Viren’s house and tells she came here permanently.

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