Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th December 2016 Written Episode

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Sarita blames Saachi that she snatched her both sons from her and now should go and celebrate with her parents. Viren enters and confronts Sarita how can she insult Saachi like this and asks Saachi why she lied that her family respects her a lot, but he is seeing opposite. He asks Sarita and Diwakar this is how they respect their bahus. Prabhath starts his dialogues finding an opportunity after a long time and yells at Viren that he will not tolerate his Ram and Seeta like bhaisa and bhabhisa’s insult and enough of him insulting them. Aryan says Viren and family they can sit and talk. Viren confronts Ayran if he had spoken, his family would not have insulted Saachi so much. Prabhath starts again that Viren insulted them many times via his uncle and even sent his friend
to buy their haveli. He gives 25 crores cheque and says he must be shocked that his plan of grabbing their haveli failed. Kusum asks why would they try to grab their daughter’s house.

Neelima starts next and blames Saachi that she took happiness of their house and is a big culprit. Chandra confronts her and says she does not have right to blame Saachi and tells what all Sarita did, how she tried to find defects in Saachi, how she blamed her for family’s business loss, forcing Saachi to fast for 3 days and says Saachi would have died that day. Shhe then confronts Sarita that she is angry that Saachi hid this from her and decided to punish her without knowing whole truth. She then exposes Sarita’s misdeeds, how she blamed Saachi and punished her repeatedly. Diwakar asks Sarita is it true. Chandra says he is acting as if he does not know his family’s misdeeds.

Viren asks Chandra is it true. Chandra says he can ask Kusum. Viren says for their fake ego, Kusum and Saachi forgot their self-respect. Saachi says he is misunderstanding. Viren asks what about what he saw just now and says he will not let his daughter stay in this house for a min and says Saachi let us go from here. Sarita comments to take his daughter from here and keep her in home like he has kept his sister at home. Viren confronts that she is talking about values when her whole family bears illegal children, pointing at Sushanth. Mittal family stands in a shock.

Precap: Saachi tells Viren that she cannot come with him. He says she is dead for him and leaves. While driving home, he meets with an accident.

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