Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd December 2016 Written Episode

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Priyanka runs in a shock after sees Sushanth applying sindoor on Mala’s forehead. She slips and falls from stairs. Aryan and Saachi see that and are shocked. Priyanka is rushed to ICU. Sushanth shatters seeing Mala’s death and Priyanka’s accident. Sarita with Prabhath and Diwakwar enters and asks Neelima what happened suddenly, Priyanka was well some time ago. Neelima starts blaming Saachi that she and her team knows everything, who was that girl and why Sushanth applied sindhoor on her forehead, but does not want to tell anything. Saachi stands in a shock without uttering a word. Neelima then sees Viren and family and says they are all hands in gloves with Saachi and hid Mala’s truth from everyone.

Viren tells family that Saachi knews
everything from before, but hid the fact. Doc informs family that Priyanka is fine, but she lost her child. Sarita starts yelling at Saachi why did she do this to Priyanka, because of her Priyanka lost her child. Saachi tries to speak, but Sarita asks her to shut up. Chandra asks how can she blame Saachi like this. Sarita yells they all should be blamed, they knew everything beforehand, so they kept Mala in her house. She continues and Neelima adds oil in fire. Sarita warns Saachi not to enter Priyanka’s room and walks into Priyanka’s hospital room. Sushanth walks in. Priyanka asks Neelima to send him out. Sarita shouts at Sushanth to get out.

Sushanth stands in a shock. Doc tells him he can take Mala’s body. Saachi tells Aryan they should be with Sushanth and help him in performing Mala’s last rights as he is very alone. Aryan says but… Viren says he will take Mala’s body home and perform last rights, they need not worry.

After Maya’s funeral, Viren keeps Mala’s big garlanded pic as per rituals. Sonu says Sushanth look at mama’s pic. Saachi cries shattered. Sushanth takes Sonu’s bag and thanks Viren for taking care of Mala and Sonu till now. He says he will take Sonu home now. Viren says he should not take Sonu home in this situaiton. Saachi says Sonu needs Sushanth at this time. Sonu tells Viren that he will stay with papa. Sushanth greets Viren and walks with Aryan, Saachi, and Sonu.

Sarita looks at baby’s pic and cries. Diwakar also gets sad. He confronts Mansoor that people tell right that during tough times, even dear ones become strangers, Mansoor is his childhood friend, why did he hide such a big issue. Door opens and they are all shocked to see Saachi, Aryan, Sushanth and Sonu.

Precap: Neelima yells at Saachi that she is shameless to bring Sonu home. Chandra and Tanu hear her yelling over phone. Saachi slips and drops pooja thali. Sarita yells only bad can happen when bahus like Saachi comes home, they even snatch sons away.

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