Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 21st December 2016 Written Episode

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Mala’s condition worsens while she tries to call Karan/Sushanth and she collapses. Sonu tries to wake her up. Viren returns home and is shocked to see Mala unconscious. He rushes her to hospital. At factory, Sarita gets jealous seeing Diwakar praising Saachi and everyone clapping for Saachi. Saachi asks Priyanka to go home and rest now and asks Nishanth to take Priyanka home. Priyanka walks and feels stomach pain. Nishanth calls Neelima who takes Priyanka to hospital.

Viren admits Mala to hospital and calls on Karan’s number. Aryan keeps Sushanth’s phone for charging and sees Mala’s many missed call. He picks call and Viren says he tried to call him so many times, where are you Karan, Mala is in hospital. Aryan is shocked to hear this
voice and says papa. Viren shockingly says Aryan… Aryan gives phone to Sushanth. Viren is more shocked that Sushanth is Karan. Aryan says Mala is in hospital. Aryan informs Saachi same and they all 3 head towards hospital.

After reaching hospital, Sushanth requests doctor to save Mala. Doc says he cannot help, Mala will die anytime. Sushanth then goes to Mala and gets very emotional. Mala looks at Sonu and asks Sushanth to take his responsibility. Saachi goes out to bring sindhoor. Neelima brings Priyanka to same hospital and they both walk searching doc’s room. Priyanka sees Saachi running and follows her. Saachi gives sindhoor to Sushanth. Sushanth applies sindoor on Maya’s forehead and hugs her. Mala passes away. Sushanth cries loudly. Sonu calls him papa and asks why is he crying. Priyanka shatters watching this. Aryan and Saachi are shocked seeing her. Priyanka runs from there. Saachi and Aryan start searching her.

Sarita prepares laddoos for Priyanka and tells Diwakar that even maasa used to feed her laddoo when she was pregnant with Sushanth. Diwakar says even he will prepare ladoos and tells he learnt from his children with hard work they can achieve anything. They were so distressed yesterday, but today they are all happy, all credit goes to Saachi’s intelligence. Sarita fumes hearing Saachi’s name. Neelima calls and informs her what is happening hospital. Sarita drops laddoo bowl in a shock.

Priyanka continues running in a shock. Aryan and Saachi search her. Priyanka slips from stairs and falls down. Aryan and Saachi are shocked to see that.

Precap: Sarita yells at Saachi why did she do this to Priyanka, Priyanka lost her child because of Saachi. She tells Aryan let us go back to Priyanka leaving Saachi stranger away.

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