Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th December 2016 Written Episode

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After Saachi convinces employees to do overtime for 3 shifts, Sushanth praises Saachi that only she can do this. Saachi says it is his and babasa/Diwakar’s hardwork and guidance, they are jut following. Whole family gets busy helping with employees. Priyanka also works, but Saachi stops her and asks to rest. Priyanka says whole family is working, how can she rest. Saachi asks her to have something and then work. They both joke. Sarita feeds food to each family member, but gets angry seeing Saachi and leaves keeping plate in front of her. Aryan notices it and takes Saachi aside and says maasa did not feed even him, let us see till when she will be angry. They both feed each other.

Viren tries Saachi’s number at night. Kusum asks whom he is calling.
He says Saachi, he wil nto get sleep unti he hears her. Saachi picks call and says she is busy and will talk to him later. Viren fumes that Sethia family is forcing Saachi to work even at 11:30 p.m. Kusum says may be Saachi herself is working, maybe her designing work and asks him not to make any mistake now.

Nishanth and Priyanka fix labels on boxes and tell already 50 boxes are done. Saachi says then they will complete their order soon. She gives milk to Priyanka and aks sher to rest. She then sees Neelima yawning and asks her to go and rest. Neelima says she will prepare tea in the morning then. Saachi agrees. Neelima prepares tea in the morning and walks out to serve leaving stove one. Curtain catches fire due to air and then burns whole store room. Servant informs that store room caught fire. Whole family and employees are in a shock. Neelima for the first time accepts her mistake and cries.. Priyanka consoles her. Susanth asks Prabhath to inform client that they cannot complete order. Saachi asks not to call client yet and says they can use scarf instead of dupatta. Whole family agees and they all get busy preparing scarf. Priyanka praises her intelligence, but Saachi gives credit to Priyanka and her unborn child.

Kusum tells Mala that she is going to ofice with Viren, if she wants to come with them. Mala says she did not feed breakfast yet to Sonu, they can go, she will be at home. Kusum leaves with Viren. Viren asks Kusum if she noticed Mala did not talk about Karan since 2 days, looks like she forgot him. Kusum says yes.

Client comes to inspect order. Sushanth explains scarf idea. Client praises their innovative idea and asks whose brilliant idea is this. Neelima says it is our Saachi’s idea. Client congratulates Saachi and tells Sushanth that he has become fan of his dedication and says his payment will reach is account and give one more order to finish in 1 week. Whole family hug each other happily. Saachi thanks employees for their support. Prabhath asks Sushanth to inform Diwakar. Sushanth says his phone is switched off. Aryan gives his mobile.

Mala tries to call sushanth and her condition worens. She collapses. Sonu tries to wake her up.

Diwakar reaches factory and praises Saachi for her intelligence and says she proved that not only boys, even girls can save family’s nake. Sarita fumes in jealousy.

Prcap: Priyanka with Neelima enters Mala’s hospital room and is shocked to see Sushanth applying sindhoor on Mala’s forehead.

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