Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th January 2017 Written Episode

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A masked man enters Saachi’s room and finding even Aryan sound asleep closes oxygen cylinder knob and walks away. Saachi starts gasping for air. Aryan wakes up and gets worried and runs out to call doctor. He calls doc and nurses and asks them to check what happened to Saachi. Doc says what happened to Saachi, whhy she is not able to breathe, asks nurse to prepare injection. Vital sign monitor goes blank. Aryan holds Saachi’s hand and says she cannot go like this and asks doc to do something. Doc gives defibrillator shock. Aryan sees oxygen cylinder off and informs Doc. Doc asks nurse to switch it on soon. Saachi starts breathing again. Aryan says he will not let her happen anything.

Doc goes out. Diwakar and Viren ask how is Saachi. Doc says she
is normalizing now. Neelima says their Saachi is a fighter. Doc scolds nurses how can oxyen cylinder get off, what were they doing. Nurse apologizes and says Aryan fell asleep and she had gone out for 2 minutes to get injection. Viren asks how can this happen and asks Aryan if he did not see anything unusual. Aryan says even he fell asleep. Doc says only one person can go and meet Saachi. Family asks Aryan to go in.

Aryan walks in and asks Saachi how can she risk her life for him. She says so what, she cannot see him in trouble. He says he loves her so much and chants an emotional dialogue. She says he is becoming too emotional today. He says because he loves her a lot. They both see both families hugging each other and get emotional. Saachi says their mission is accomplished.

Saachi is discharged from hospital. Diwakar asks Viren if he can forgive their differences and reunite again. Viren says he will not forgive him ever as even he did mistakes and they both are same. Diwakar smiles. Viren says they can take their daughter home. Both families smile. Neelima says Viren they can come to meet Saachi any time. A masked person is seen watching them from a distance.

Sethia family takes Saachi home. Neeti and SNishanth throw flowers on Saachi and shows her welcome board. Saachi gets emotional. Daadi does Saachi’s aarti and says she is very happy seeing her back. Saachi touches her feet. Daadi hugs her. PRiyanka says by god grace she returned. Neeti touches Saachi’s feet and says whatever she did is great. Saachi hugs her. Prabhath thanks her for saving Neeti. Neelima same same. Saachi says they brought her here saying she is their dear ones, then why they are thanking her. Diwakar says his daughter is right, nobody will apologize or thank her and ask Prabhath to get sweets. Neeti and Nishanth take Saachi to her room.

Inspector calls Aryan and asks how is Saachi. Aryan says she is fine and brought her home just now. Inspector says they could not catch Kabeer yet and people have seen Kabeer around his house, they all know Kabeer tried to harm Saachi and will try in the future, so they should be alert. Aryan says sure, thank you so much and disconnects call. He looks at family smiling and thinks how to inform family about Kabeer.

Precap: Saachi insists Aryan to take her out for incecream. They walk on road and a masked person crashes his car on them.

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