Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th December 2016 Written Episode

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Sushanth pampers Priyanka and helps her rest on bed. She says she is feeling arrival of their first baby already. Sushanth reminisces Sonu. On the other side, Sonu cries reminiscing Sushanth. Maya consoles him. He insists to talk to papa. Maya calls Sushanth and he gets tensed seeing her number. Priyanka asks him to pick call. Sushanth says forget it and takes her down. She is surprised to see decoration. Whole family dances around her and they all enjoy. Prabhath gets client’s call that he needs order by tomorrow night. He drops musical instrument in a shock. Family asks him what happened. Prabhath says client’s call. Diwakar asks Nishanth and Neeti to take Priyanka in. Prabhath informs that client needs order by tomororw night instead of 1 week.
Diwakar says how can it be. Prabhath says client is telling Sushanth agreed to client. Sushanth reminisces replying okay to client’s request. Diwakar asks to inform client that they cannot fulfill order. Whole family shatters.

Saachi tells Aryan it is possible if they work hard for 3 shifts. Prabhath is about to call client when Aryan snatches phone. Prabhath asks why is he stopping him from callling client, if he has any idea. Saachi says yes and tells him plan. They gather whole family and explain plan. Diwakar says worker cannot work for 36 hours, it is impossible. Saachi says even crossing ocean was impossible for vanar sene, but they built bridge. Sarita yells to not be childish. Priyanka says it is possible if whole family gathers. Sarita praises Priyanka. Diwakar says they will work hard and if it is possible, Prabhath should inform client beforehand. They all agree.

Whole family goes and informs workers about their idea. Workers don’t agree at first, but on Saachi’s explanation and moral gyaan, watchman says he will work for boss as boss got his treatment and gave 2 months salary free when he met with an accident. Another lady says her daughter became doctor because boss, she will work. An old man says boss gave money for his daughter’s wedding, even he will work. All workers agree finally. Whole family gets overwhelmed with response.

Precap: Sethia family and all workers get busy in completing order. Godown catches fire. They all stand in a shock dumbstuck.

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