Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 18th November 2016 Written Episode

Aryan scolds goon boys for rash driving. Goon boys challenge him to race with them if he has guts. Aryan says he does not want to. They bully him. Saanjh interferes and says she will race with them. They say they will race on some road.

Chandra goes home and informs Kusum about her fight with Neelima at Panditji’s place. Viren comes and asks Chandra if she had gone to panditji and what did he say. On the other side, Neelima informs family how Chandra degraded her and her family and challenged to return their money if they have guts and even told they are living on fake prestige on other’s money.

Aryan with Saachi as pillion races with goon boys. One of them kicks Aryan’s bike and they both fall down. They both get up. Aryan’s hand
gets injured. Saachi rides bike next with Aryan as pillion. She speeds up and wins race. Everyone praise her and goons ask what they should do. She asks to apologize her husband. Aryan says no need. Saachi chesks Aryan’s hand. He pushes her and says he is fine.

Diwakar reminisces Neelima’s words and gets tensed. Sarita asks what happened. Diwakar says he has decided something and will speak to family in the morning. Sarita says let Aryan and Saachi return home. He says he cannot wait till then.

Saachi jogs alone. Goon boys stop her and start harrassing her. Aryan interferes and warns them to stay away from his wife. They push him from behind and he falls on stone and injures his head. He shouts why they are attacking from behind as a coward. Police comes and ask what is happening here. Goon boys leave saying they were just talking. Inspector sees Aryan’s forehead bleeding and asks what happened. Saanjh says those boys.. Inspector asks to complain about those boys in police station. Aryan says he does not want to complain and behaves rudely with Saachi again.

Diwakar gathers whole family in the morning and says he has decided that he will not tolerate Saachi’s family’s misbehavior and has dicided to repay Viren’s loan by selling this house. Sarita asks where will they stay. He says she told she can stay under a tree with him, then why is she questioning. He says he knows Aryan will be shocked, but there is no other go as he cannot compromise his family’s dignity.

Precap: Viren comes to Sethia house. Diwakar says he will repay his loan soon by selling this house. Viren asks they are family and can talk. Diwakar it he has decided to break up.

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