Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 18th January 2017 Written Episode

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Aryan continues confronting his family and says Saachi tried to reunite family after suffering so much torture from Sarita and others, but Sarita sent her divorce papers. Saachi did not even think once before trying to save Neeti by risking her life. He continues and says being too good is also bad and only bad happened to Saachi. He tells Sarita that she used to tell Saachi did not give him happiness, she gave him life today. If there is no Saachi for him, then there will be nobody for him. He then goes and prays god’s idol. Kusum comes and consoles him that nothing will happen to Saachi they both are made for each other. She continues consoling him.

Viren reminisces scolding Saachi and telling she is not his daughter now. He sits crying. Diwakar comes and
consoles him and says Saachi is born to give happiness to everyone, nothing will happen to her, etc. Viren says Saachi is even his daughter and he can see same pain on his face. Diwakar says once their daughter gets well, she will spread happiness in both their houses. Viren asks what about the goons who tried to harm Neeti. Diwaakar says they both will not spare that goon. Goon in his den fumes that Saachi took away his prey and orders his puppets to find out in which hospital Saachi is in.

Viren then tells Aryan that nobody understood Saachi more than him. Aryan says everyone misunderstood Saachi always. Whole family waits outside operation theater. Doc comes out. Aryan asks how is Saachi. Doc says she removed bullets, but Saachi lost a lot of blood, so she needs A+ blood transfusion. Next 24 hours are critical for Saachi, and they all should pray god. Diwakar says his blood is A+ and he is ready to give as much blood as he can. Doc takes him in. Whole family prays for Saachi’s recovery.

Sarita gives coffee to Aryan. Aryan angrily walks away. Sarita sadly asks Priyanka if Aryan will not talk to her again. Priyanka says he will once Saachi gets well. Nikita calls Priyanka and asks how is Saachi. Priyanka says she is under observation and asks to pray or her. Nikita says Saachi will be fine soon. She looks at Aryan’s pic and says though she cannot get him, she loves and respects him now.

Priyanka tells Sarita that today unknowingly, 2 girls were having injustice, Saachi’s marrriage would have broken and Nikita’s heart. Sarita says Nikita is sanskari girl. Doc tells family that they all can go home except one. Aryan says he will stay with Saachi. He kisses Saachi’s forehead emotionally, holds her hand and asks her to wake up and talk to her, they are partners for life. He holds her index finer and cries. He then keeps temple’s flower under pillow and says he will not go from here until she wakes up and talks to him. At night, Aryan is also sound asleep when goon enters room and closes oxygen cylinder valve.

Precap: Saachi gasps for air. Aryan wakes up and gets worried. Vital signs monitor goes blank.

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