Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 17th January 2017 Written Episode

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Goons push Saachi from temple stairs and she falls down injured and unconscious. Goons discuss if she is dead or alive. Saach coughs and wakes up. Goons laugh she is alive. Aryan is seen rushing towards temple on his bike. Viren calls Aryan and shouts why is he not picking call. Prabhath asks Neelima where did Neeti go. Neelima says college trip. Parabhath asks why is she with Saachi then. Neelima says how does she know. Saachi limps on road and goons follow up mimicking her. Saachi picks bamboo and throws nearby drums on goons and asks Neeti to run. They both run on road. Goon start following them.

Tanu calls schools and informs families that Neeti’s college friends have not gone for a trip, nobody knows about it. Neelima shatters. Kusum consoles
her that nothing will happen to Neeti. Neelima says even Saachi is in danger. Kusum says Saachi is a fighter and can fight any situation.

Saachi continues running with Neeti. Goons follow them. Aryan reaches on his bike and beats goons and fights with goons. He kicks them all down and saves Saachi and Neeti.

Inspector comes and Diwakar/Viren inform him the situation. Nishanth tracks Neeti’s location via mobile. Constable says that area has resort and girl must have gone for a party, parents should have controlled her. Viren scolds how can he badmouth about Sethia family girl, she is sanskari girl. Diwakar takes Saachi’s side and says she is Viren’s daughter and sanskari. Viren says he will complain commissioner, instead of searching girls, he is defaming her. Inspector apologizes and says he will start investigation right now.

Aryan calls family and tells he found Neeti and Saachi. Injured goon finds gun and shoots at Aryan. Saachi sees that and bears bullet. Aryan shouts Saaachiiii….Aryan beats goon. Neeti says Saachi is collapsing. They both rush Saachi to hospital. Families hear gun shot and get worried. Aryan takes Saachi to hospital and informs family.

Both families reach hospital and ask Aryan how is Saachi. Neeti cries that Saachi got injured trying to save her and tells whole story. Viren shatters and falls down hearing about Saachi being shot. Everyone console and lift him up. Aryan sits tensed. Sarita tries to console him. He pushes her and warns not to call her son, because of her, his life/Saachi is fighting for life. He confronts they all wanted to get rid of Saachi and her condition is because of her. He confronts Neelima and says she tried to kill Saachi by forcing her to fast for 3 days. He then confronts each family member and says she wanted to reunite both families and had to sufffer a lot, they all are responsible for Saachi’s condition. They will lose Saachi and even him. He then tells Viren how Saachi refused to come with him to save Sethia family’s self-respect.. He continues confronting and venting his anger out.

Precap: Aryan asks nurse how is Saachi. Nurse says she cannot tell anything and needs blood. Diwakar asks to take his blood and save his daughter. Aryan then asks doc how is Saachi. Doc says 24 hours are very critical for Saachi, they should pray god. They all pray god.

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