Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th January 2017 Written Episode

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Sarita asks Aryan to finish engagement formalities and asks Nikita to dorn engagement ring in Aryan’s finger. Nikita walks and tries to dorn ring. Aryan throws ring and says he cannot do this as he loves only Saachi and she is his parnter for life. Whole family is shocked. Saachi escapes from goons somehow, searches Neeti and finds her in a room unconscious. She sprinkles water on Neeti and wakes her up. Neeti asks how did she come here and pleads to save her and falls unconscious again. Saachi wakes her up and takes her out. Goons see them and try to catch, but Saachi throws fire extinguisher powder on them and runs with Neeti.

Aryan continues that he and Saachi acting as separating to reunite their families, they will never separate in life. Sarita slaps
Aryan and shouts how dare he is to think of Saachi whose family insulted them so much. She continues her drama and says she he is insulting her, Nikita, and his fate.

Saachi runs and reaches temple with Neeti and hides Neeti behind temple idol and prays god to protect them. On the other side, Priyanka’s aunt scolds Priyanka that she agreed to marry Nikita to Aryan on her insistence, else who will give their daughter to a divorcee. Sarita pleads not to go and orders Aryan to get engaged. Aryan says stands silently.

Saachi finds telephone booth outside temple, calls Aryan and pleads to save her from goons. He asks where is she. She says she is in mata’st temple with Neeti and goons had kidnapped Neeti, Neeti is unconscious and goons may come anytime. Aryan hears that and runs. Neelima gets tensed and cries that Neelima should be safe. Viren with family reaches and asks where is Saachi, why did Aryan run out, if Saach is safe, what did they do.

Aryan rushes on his bike towards temple. Goons check temple and discuss that girls have left, but they need to search them before they reach their family. Saachi thinks goons have one and comes out with Neeti. Goons catch her and start torturing her. One of them says they thought of using her and spare her life, but now she has to die. He pushes Saachi and she falls down from stairs. Neeti shouts bhabisaaa.

Precap: Viren speaks to Saachi and asks where are they. She says 1 kilometer away from mata’s mandir. She sees goon shooting Aryan and bears bullet on herself.

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