Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th December 2016 Written Episode

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Priyanka collapses in front of Saachi and Aryan. They both rush towards her. Prabhath sees this and calls ambulance. Maya smiles seeing Sushanth playing with Sonu. Sushanth then comes and sits next to him and emotionally says now he realized how it feels to hear papa from own child. Mala tells him he has to take care of Sonu in the future as she will leave them soon. He asks what happened to her. She says she has a hole in her heart. He is shocked to hear that and emotionally hugs her and says he will get her treated by the best specialist and will not let her die.

Sushanth takes Mala to a hospital to meett cardiologist. Mala asks him to pick family’s call as it must be important. He saays her appointment is more important. He walks to check doc’s
room when Sonu calls him and asks to bring choc for him. Diwakar comes out of lift and asks Sushanth what is he doing in ground floor, Priyanka is admitted in 2nd floor. Mala turns her back seeing Diwakar. Diwakar walks towards Mala to go and pay bill in reception. Sushanth stops him and says he will pay bill. Diwakar goes back. Sushanth goes back to Mala. Mala asks him not to worry, she will go home with Sonu and leaves.

Mala reaches home. Sonu says he wants to meet papa. She asks him to keep quiet. Viren hears her and asks what is happening. Mala changes topic and walks to her room. Viren stands confused.

Sushanth goes to Priyanka’s hospital room and asks her what happened to her. Saachi fears if Priyanka heard her. Doc asks Priyanka if she did not inform her family about the good news and says Priyanka is pregnant. Whole family jumps in happiness while Sushanth stands in a shock. Everyone congratulate each other. Doc calls Sushanth out and tells Priyanka’s pregnancy is very risky and they should keep her away from tension. Sushanth sees Prabhath and Diwakar feeding sweets to each other and says Aryan that everyone is happy, he does not know what to do, he cannot tell Priyanka about Mala and Sonu and Mala is dying, he is really clueless. Aryan hugs him.

At night, Saachi sadly stands thinking about Priyanka’s pregnancy and Mala. Aryan asks if she is not getting sleep and takes her outside for to roadside tea shop. Sipping tea he says some intelligent person told one should forget tension sipping earthen pot tea. They both enjoy tea looking at each other.

Precap: Sushanth shows balloon decorated room to Priyanka. Whole family dance around Priyanka. Prabhath says client needs order by tomorrow night instead of 1 week and told Sushanth accepted his demand with okay reply. Sushanth reminisces replying.

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