Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th December 2016 Written Episode

Saachi and Sushanth travel in their car to meet Mala. Mala gets ready and tells Sonu that they are going to get him a surprise. Kusum asks her where is she going. Mala tells to temple. Mala says to temple. Kusum says she will drop her to temple. Mala drops something on her dress and says she will change dress and will go by walk, they can leave. Kusum leaves with Chanra. Saachi tells Sushanth that Tanu told no one is at home, so they will pick Mala outside her house and asks Mansoor to take car near her parent’s house. Sarita follows their car. Saachi calls Mala and asks to come out of house. Mala comes out with Sonu. Sushanth gets out of car. Sonu is surprised to see his father, runs and hugs him. Mala also runs and hugs him emotionally. Mansoor says
they should leave before Saachi’s parents see them. Saachi asks them to go, she will go to factory by auto. They leave.

Saachi waits for auto. Sarita comes in her car and calls her loudly. Saachi is shocked to see her. Sarita yells that she falsely promised her and came to meet her parents with gift, she already has given gift to them. Saachi even brainwashed her innocent son as she heard Aryan telling her that maasa will not doubt her. Saachi broke her trust and she will never trust her in life. Kusum and Chandra return home and see all this from their car. Sarita leaves in her car and Saachi leaves in auto.

Chandra calls Saachi and yells they have problem with Saachi coming home now. She angrily enters home and yells she will inform Viren. Kusum tries to stop her. Chandra says earlier Saachi’s inlaws forced her to fast for 3 days and informs what Neelima to Panditji. She continues shouting that she will inform Viren right now and make him confront Saachi’s in-laws. Kusum says whatever is seen is not true always, Viren is having high BP now a days, so she should not inform Viren. She will speak to Saachi right now.

Saachi walks to her factory sadly. Kusum calls her and asks if she is hiding things from her now, she saw her coming near home and returning back, why her in-laws are restricting her. Saachi says she herself restricted her as she promised herself not to come there until situation normalizes. She requests her not to send papa there and not send gifts also. Kusum says not to worry, she will inform Viren.

Aryan asks Saachi to describe what happened. Saachi says after all these tensions, she is very happy that someone else at least is very happy. Mala got so happy seeing Mala and Sushanth also got so emotional seeing Sushanth, he can imagine what she wants to say. Priyanka comes there, hears their conversation and collapses. They both run towards her and take her to hospital.

Precap: In hospital room, doc checks Priyanka. Sushanth and Diwakar also gather there. Sushanth asks Priyanka if she is fine, what happened to her. Doc says looks like Priyanka did not inform family yet.

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