Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 13th December 2016 Written Episode

Sushanth gets very happy speaking to Mala. Priyanka calls him next and asks to come home soon. He asks what happened. She says she is missing him. He says he will come after work, disconnects call and saks Aryan and Saachi what he should do now. Aryan suggests him to inform her the truth.

Viren asks his servant if he gave food items to Saachi. He says yes. Kusum asks what did he do now. Viren says he sent some snacks to his daughter and he does not need anyone’s permission. Sarita fumes seeing Viren’s servants bringing dry fruits and snacks and telling Viren ordered to give it to Saachi. She angrily asks them to take everything back and tell Viren that they did not take anything. Saachi and Aryan get very tensed seeing this. Sarita then prepares food
yelling Saachi’s parents are so shameless and thought we are not giving food to their daughter. She cuts her finger by mistake. Saachi runs towards her getting concerned. Sarita continues yelling and lashing her. Saachi promises that she will not go to her parent’s hose until situation stabilizes and will not let them come here. Sarita yells she is promising big, if she can fulfill her promise. Saachi says yes. Sarita leaves yelling let us see. Neelima runs behind her with medicine.

Kusum scolds Viren that he made Saachi’s in-laws more with his childishness. Viren says what he can do, he cannot see his daughter starving.

Sushanth goes to his room. Priyanka asks till when he wanted to hide this from her. He nervously says he wanted to inform her. She says how can he hide his cholesterol report from her since 4 months. Sushanth relaxes and apologizes. Priyanka says she will take care of his health now and will not let him eat unhealthy.

Aryan asks Saachi why did she make such a big promise to maasa. Saachi says she had to as maasa was very angry. He says she took a right decision, he will be at his in-laws house and she can be here in her in-laws house.

Neelima tells Sarita that she should not have been so tough on Saachi and would not have let her make such a tough promise. Sarita says Saachi will break her promise. Neelima says if she has made promise, she will not go to her parent’s house. Sarita says Saachi is not that great that she is so confident on her.

Saachi packs gift and tells Aryan that she cannot go to her parent’s house. He says she can call Mala out and let Sushanth and Mala meet. She says okay. He says gifts are the best way to convince children, Sonu will like it, says maasa is not that suspicious that she will follow her. Sarita passing by sees Saachi holding gift and thinks Saachi is definitely going to meet her parents, she will not forgive her.

Precap: Sarita stops Saachi in the middle of road and yells she broke her promise and dragged her innocent son in all this, she will never forgive her.

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