Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 12th December 2016 Written Episode

In the morning, Saachi tries to calm Aryan, but he acts as still angry on her. He thinks she will act for some more time and then agree. Saachi at factory serves sweets to all employees and says they work hard, so she brought sweets for them. Aryan comes and she says she brought his favorite sweets. He tries to leave. She climbs chair and asks employees how to convince her husband. They all request Aryan to forgive her. Aryan asks Saachi to get down. Saachi asks him to get her down. He lifts her and gets her down and takes her aside. She tries to feed ladoo again. He says she did not eat for 3 days and did not let him know anything. She asks if he will fast for 3 days now and apologizes. She promises him that she will not hide anything from him again. They both smile
and enjoy sweets.

After work, Saachi and Aryan walk near parking lot. Saachi says she wants to tell him something and shows Sushanth and Mala’s locket. He is shocked. Saachi tells him whole story and says just one storm separated Sushanth and Mala. Aryan says they will have to inform family before they know from somewhere else. Saachi says they will speak to Sushanth first and let him decide himself what he has to do, they will assure him that they are with him whatever he decides.

Neelima meets her pandit and tells a fake pandit misled her and made Saachi fast for 3 days. Pandit fumes and asks her to go back to that pandit itself. Neelima apologizes and says she is jsut worried for her family’s betterment. Pandit says he already told her that Saachi and Aryan’s jodi is like Ram and Sita’s and she unnecessarily made beendni fast for 3 days. Chandra hears their coversation and murmurs her doubt was right. She reaches home to inform Viren. Viren in his room work on his office files. Servant brings juice for him and it falls on table. Viren scolds him. Kusum asks him to calm down and not express his anger on poor servant, since he did not eat since morning servat brought juice for him. She then goes to kitchen and tells Mala that Viren is still upset that Saachi took her in-laws side.

Aryan with Saachi meets Sushanth and shows him locket. Sushanth gets emotional and asks where did he get it. Aryan tells him whole story. Sushanth says he wants to speak to Mala. Saachi gies Mala’s number. Sushanth calls Mala. Mala hears his voice and is shocked. Sushanth tells they will meet soon and till then she has to keep it secret. Mala asks who gave him her number. He says dear ones united dear ones.

Precap: Priyanka asks Sushanth till when he wanted to hide truth from her. Saachi informs Sarita and Neelima about Sushanth and Mala and promises Sarita that until situation stabilizes, she will not go to her parent’s house and will not let them come here. Sarita says she is boasting a lot, if she will really fulfill her promise.

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