Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th May 2016 Written Episode

Shravan shares that it is his friend’s restaurant. I came here to meet him only. What are you doing here? Before she can reply Bunty comes there. Bunty thinks Sumo is his wife. You are too smart. you wanted to go out on a date and took your brother’s name. He turns to Sumo, calling her Bhabhi ji. he must have told you about me. She denies.

Bunty brings Sumo and Shravan to a couples’ special table. Sumo asks him what is all this. Shravan replies that Pushkar requested me to book a table for himself and someone but he himself dint come. Sumo thinks he might have but he would have left the place after seeing you here. Sumo says your friend is sweet. Shravan calls him stupid. They think to order food.

Pushkar gives perfumes to Preeti. she takes a bill from him too. I will show it to mom and Massi too. They will not lecture me now. Pushkar says your mom is right. It can be possible that the one giving you gift needs something in return. She laughs hearing it. He keeps looking sweetly at her. Kind of yes! She says what. He begins to say I. She keeps intervening. He dismisses it when she playfully makes a punch. I know you are hesitating but it is ok. She closes her eyes. Tell me what you want. I am listening. He leans closer when she sneezes. I am sorry for opening my eyes. Say it. He says it is ok. Let it be. She drops it. Where is my purse? He helps her get down from the car. They check the car but it isn’t there.

Sumo cannot understand the menu. PCT has better names. Atleast you can understand the menu with it. He tells her to order food. Bunty joins them and teases them. Shravan tells him that he has decided the menu.

Preeti calls Sumo. Sumo goes outside to attend the call. Preeti also steps out of the car. She asks about her purse. Sumo says I came to give you your purse only but you were not there. Preeti says my plan changed. She tells her a pick up place of meeting later.

Sumo hears a girl talking to the manager about reservation. She had promised her parents she will take them here after getting her first salary. The guy tells her to keep waiting then. Sumo questions the manager. There are so many empty tables inside. Why don’t you let them in? Manager shares that only elite people are allowed here. Will you like it if such people sit near you? He goes.

Sumo walks up to the family. Please come it. Manager tells her against it. Sumo says they are with me. She scolds the manager when he tries to make her understand his business policy. There is only one policy that the customers should be happy. Bunty asks them if everything is ok. Manager points at the girl and her family. Sumo says one identifies and respects people by their manners and etiquettes. Bunty apologizes to them. Shravan smiles.

Sumo tells the family to order whatever they wish. Bunty ji will pay the bill. Bunty agrees. Sumo congratulates them on their daughter’s first salary. Bunty goes. Sumo notices Shravan looking at her. What? He shakes his head sweetly at her.

Sumo and Shravan sit down to eat. He says I have never seen your Samaj Sudharak Side till date. She says you still don’t know many more things about me. You can know them but you will also have to tell me some things about you that I don’t know. He says deal. They focus on the food. He guides her as to how to eat using chopsticks. Sumo hides as soon as she notices someone coming there. Shravan asks her who she was hiding from. She signals him to shush. The guy sits on the other table. shravan demands to know what happened. she shares that this guy (Jairaj) was her senior in college. I liked him a lot back then and I still like him. I somehow proposed him on the last day of the college. She is unable to use chopsticks but he is interested in knowing what happened. she replies that he rejected her. He asks her if she hasn’t forgotten him. She says one cannot forget the people you love. I can forget a recipe but not Jairaj. Shravan makes a sad and upset face (like a kid, really adorable

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