Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th July 2016 Written Episode

Pandit accepts the prasad made by sandhya and gives the appreciation to rathi sweet shop. all feel happy. deepan leaves the place angry. chavi goes behind him for the money and he refuse to give and walks away.

emily explains her situation to om and say sorry. om plays her favourite song on the guitar and says he loves her and tey hug each other.

the sweet shop opened all are present except for customers. om and emily comes as the first customers and the shop gets busy with people. suraj feels happy and seeing him happy all feels happy.

the man who gave loan to chavi threatens her by evening she must return the amount.

chavi thinks to go say sorry to suraj. she imagines suraj scolding her and bahboo throwing her out and meena taunting her.

suraj in the room dull sandhya asks the reason he says with all th joy with the family he miss chavi though she did wrong she is a member of the family.

bahboocomes and asks sandhya to ask for anything she wants coz she did something good today sandhya looks at suraj and asks bhaboo to forgive chavi.

chavi takes the rope throwing the clothes down. meena complains to bahboo. sandhya and suraj looks on.

pre cap: Sandhya is at the door of chavis room. Vikram forcefully opens the door. All stand still in shock.

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