Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the terrorist thinking now the kids will pay for Sandhya and Sooraj’s mistake. Sandhya shouts what did you do with kids, their cry sound is not coming. Sandhya and Sooraj run to see the kids. The kids hold heads and feel drowsy. Sandhya and other women come there and get shocked seeing kids. She says kids have become strange like unconscious, why are they getting sleepy. She asks the terrorist what did they do. Terrorist says Jimmy gave them chocolate, it had sleeping tablet, kids were hungry and had many chocolates, don’t worry, nothing will happen to kids if they are not allowed to sleep for one hour, else if anyone sleeps, think they will die.

The ladies cry and ask to save their kids. He says just Sooraj and Sandhya will go inside and keep kids wake for
an hour, then the kids’ lives will get saved. He sends all ladies away. Jimmy asks him to think of some way to leave from here. Terrorist says this dose was necessary for Sandhya, now she will not do anything again. Sandhya sees Sparsh and asks Pari what happened to him. Sooraj asks the kids to wake up. She says Sparsh is not waking up, we have to keep kids awake. Sooraj makes all kids sit and says we will play a game now.

Sooraj holds Vansh. Ved asks Vansh to get up. Vansh says I don’t have to play game with you all, you are not good, you promised to catch my parents’ murderers, you did not catch them.

Sooraj says your anger is right, but don’t sleep, we have to play a game. Vansh says I will die, why do you care, my parents are dead, I will also go to them, I don’t want to agree to you, go from here. Sooraj says if everyone sleeps here, it won’t be good, try to be awake, you are annoyed with me and Sandhya, but see Ved and Kanak, you love them. Vansh says I will play for Ved and Kanak. Sandhya says Sparsh is not waking up, we have to do something. Sandhya and Sooraj sing Chanda Chamke…… Everyone look on.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that Sparsh is not getting up, we have to do something fast, I will call Om. Terrorist says Jimmy has antidote. She asks Jimmy to please give antidote, whats your enmity with kids, Sparsh will faint, I will talk later. The terrorist says everything has a price, you have to make us out of here, we made the plan. She asks whats the plan. He says about scientist groups coming in Pushkar, and their security is Sandhya’s responsibility, plan is you will replace us as scientists and make us out of here, this is not tough for you. He asks Sandhya to decide fast. Emily cries and shouts, being worried for Sparsh. Arzoo holds Emily. Terrorist asks Sandhya to tell them that you could not keep their trust. Sandhya says I will help you, I will do anything, give me antidote. He asks Jimmy to give antidote. She takes it and runs to Sparsh.

Jimmy tells everyone that Sandhya saved all the kids. Emily cries and says let us meet the kids. Jimmy says no, first she will make way for our exit, then you can meet your kid. The terrorist tells Sandhya that she will go out tomorrow morning, you can cheat us, but the kids will die here. She says I won’t cheat. He says you will steal scientist id cards, this will be new experience for you, you will steal in your police station, you will do crime to save a criminal. Sooraj says you won’t do this. She says I will do this, but don’t do anything wrong with kids, give them food on time. Sooraj thinks Sandhya’s goodness is making her agree to do this.

Vikram and Meenakshi talk about Babasa and Bhabho’s bad state. She worries what will happen now, Sandhya has always got us out of all problems, she will do something. He asks her to have patience. The terrorist asks Sandhya to remember her vow when she steals the id cards.

Sooraj takes kids and runs. Bhabho asks him to get Sandhya. Sandhya asks Sooraj to come fast. Bhabho shouts Sooraj.

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