Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th August 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Sooraj that she is reaching in 15 mins. Sooraj thinks how to sign her that I m lying. She gets news from control room, and thinks to go home later, with news of terrorists so that Vansh can get some peace. She thinks to inform Sooraj.

She calls Sooraj and says I will come after 2-3 hours, I got some work. The terrorist signs Sooraj to call her home. Sooraj asks her to come and have food at home. She says I can’t have food till I find those four terrorists, I will send constable and you send tiffin. Sooraj says fine, I will send tiffin. Sooraj gets relieved that Sandhya is not coming, I have to inform her about the terrorists. The terrorists talk that their plan will not fail, Sandhya has to come after few hours. Sooraj thinks whats their plan.

cries. Bhabho asks her to be quiet. They cook food. The terrorist says Sandhya should not get clue that we are here, let her come here, she is our biggest enemy, she will become trumpcard for us, she will be of use to us. PP asks what. Maasa asks Bhabho and Meenakshi not to get scared, the last hope is Sandhya. The terrorist says Sandhya is very sharp, she will take us out of here. Maasa shows chit and says Sooraj told me to send this message to Sandhya, by hiding in tiffin, so that Sandhya can know the four terrorists are here. Meenakshi says no, they will shoot us if they know. Maasa says they won’t know. Meenakshi gets scared.

Maasa makes haldi paste and writes message with a stick, about terrorists hiding here, they made us hostage. The terrorists come there. Meenakshi gets tensed. Maasa says two mins. They pack the tiffin. The terrorist checks it. Meenakshi says they should not know about chit in paratha. He asks Bhabho to give tiffin to constable, don’t try to sign, else I will shoot everyone. Bhabho says yes, and goes. The terrorist take Kanak and ask Bhabho not to act smart.

Bhabho gives tiffin to constable and asks him to give it to Sandhya. he asks why did you get this till here, be careful and shut door, all terrorists are in Pushkar. He takes tiffin for Sandhya. Sandhya says I will have food later, I think we will get some clue here. Maasa says Sandhya will get letter and know about terrorists. Constable asks Sandhya to have food, Bhabho has sent it by love. Sandhya takes paratha and eats it.

Bhabho says Maasa, Lord will protect us. The terrorists ask for pickle to eat with roti. He gets the chit inside the roti. FB shows how terrorists have seen Maasa hiding the chit inside roti. He says that’s what I was thinking, you all cook so tasty food, you are very sharp and tried well, I also play some games. He gets Meenakshi and Arzoo there and says now we will play game to see how well you all know each other.

She takes Maasa’s hand to cut, and says this is simple game. Meenakshi says no, leave her. He says we will start with you, tell me when you see her, what thought do you get. Maasa says Chatori, one who likes food. He says even I like food, you are like me, tell me about this woman/Arzoo. Meenakshi says she is Mushtandi and fights a lot. He says even we fight, but big war. They all get scared.

Arzoo tells about Bhabho, she is like coconut, soft at heart and strict outside. He says we are opposite of her. Bhabho tells about Maasa, she likes to do Shringhaar. He laughs and says I got to know everything about this house’ women in 5mins, now we will give prize, the winner is Maasa, come with me. Bhabho says no, Maasa did mistake, leave her. He says we will come back soon. Bhabho shouts no. Maasa goes with them. They all cry. They get shocked seeing Maasa.

Sandhya comes home and sees the terrorists’ shadow with guns. She gets shocked. She goes out to inform police and aims gun at one of them.

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