Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya waiting outside. He makes him sign by forcing him, and says write that there is no problem here. Basu calls Sandhya. She asks shall we come inside, is audit over. She hears the sound of fight…. Gul beats Basu. She asks the man to open the gate and runs inside. Gul force feeds some liquid to Basu and says whoever comes in between my motive, I will kill him a dog’s death. Sandhya calls out Mr. Basu and is coming there. Gul sees her coming and hides Mr. Basu inside a drum. He takes the report and runs from there.

Sandhya looks for Mr. Basu and calls him. Gul dresses as Mr. Basu. She gets strange smell there. Gul thinks none can stop me from fulfill my motive. She says Mr. Basu, you called me and ended call, I was worried. She asks for report. He gives her the fire test report. She checks and says it means all arrangements are done well. She sees the signs and stops him. He thinks did she know him. she thanks him and says I m sure there is no chance of any accidents here, we have to take Swami’s signatures on it, till then this report will not get complete. She asks constable where is Swami, fire drill is over, call Swami. Gul’s men come there. She asks them to call Swami, everyone is waiting. Gul signs his men. She says we have to wait till Swami comes. Gul thinks how will Swami come, till Basu is here.

Basu’s staff asks him to remove his mask, as drill work is over. Gul thinks to do something, how to remove mask and come as Swami. The men tell Sandhya that everything is fine, we checked everything. She says yes, we are waiting for Swami. Gul leaves and gets in Swami’s avatar. He asks his man to go as Basu, and I will go as Swami. Constable says Swami is nowhere. She says he will be there, check for him. Gul comes as Swami, and his man comes as Basu. Gul says my phone fell and not working. She says its fine, we need your sign on this. Gul signs and gives her. He thinks he signed as Swami and Basu, Sandhya may understand.

He says sorry Mr. Basu, you had to wait because of me. She says there is strange smell coming here. Gul thinks to take the dead body. Sandhya says Swami, get the place cleaned, there is smell by fire drill work, and give me bills, I will submit it. She thanks Basu.

Chotu says holi is close and I want the keys. He calls Arzoo. He tells her that he wants the keys. She says you will get keys, you have to do my work, its last time and then I will not ask anything. He says fine, tell me. She says I want to go in police function, you have to get an entry pass for me. He asks why, forget this, Sandhya does not know you are in Pushkar, if anyone sees you, I m gone, I m sorry, I can’t do this. She says you are fearing Sandhya will see me, she won’t know, I will do my work silently, I mean I will see Sandhya’s promotion and leave, I want to be part of her happiness, do this last thing. He says fine, I will do something, if anyone sees you, it won’t be my mistake, tell Bhabho that you did this. She says I promise, if anything happens there, just I will be responsible. He says fine, I will give you passes but I want my keys. She says sure. He leaves.

Sandhya is leaving, and the people move the drum. The drum falls and lid gets open. She stops the drum. Gul thinks Basu’s dead body is inside it.

Gul looks at his men and tries securing himself holding his gun. He leaves gun seeing the box empty. He thinks where did the dead body got. The man signs him and smiles. Sandhya keeps the drum right and leaves. Gul and his man sign each other.

Sooraj talks to Sandhya on phone and says Mamasa told me about Bhabho’s fear, there is hospital record which can make me know truth, I will check record in morning. She says fine, Bhabho was asking me on what work did you go, which is imp than my function. He says I will come before that program. She says I will manage, you take care. He ends call and turns to see, feeling someone is watching him. He leaves.

Sandhya tells her staff that holi is close, Gul has threatened to kill people here, he can do anything, we have to be alert, check every lane in the city. Gul and his men discuss. Gul says its holi tomorrow, Sandhya has provoked me in my country, this is that failure that coming generations will bow down by shame.

Chotu is sleeping, Arzoo looks like him. She says I never waited for any future moment, so I m telling my feelings now, you are a very good person, I started loving you a lot. Gul says this stage will become a fire ground tomorrow, and my promise to Sandhya will get fulfilled.

Gul says if this warrior does not come to use, then we have backup, our soldier will do our work, that soldier knows he/she can lose life, and get heaven, we will be proud of him/her. Arzoo sees the entry passes and thinks none can stop me from going in this program, I will definitely go tomorrow.

Sandhya says its police officer’s honor program today, and sees a burqa lady. She follows Arzoo and stops her.

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