Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya checking the calendar. She thinks its less time for holi. She recalls Gul’s words. Arzoo thinks its less time for holi and to complete my motive. Chotu changes and comes. Arzoo sees him and stands away. Chotu thinks don’t know how long I have to do this drama, I don’t like to cheat Bhabho, Babasa and everyone. Arzoo says you did not had food well, will you have milk, was the food not good. He says no, I don’t like cabbage. She says I m foolish, I did not ask you what to make. She sits near him and he moves away. She says we don’t know each other’s likes and dislikes, tell me what all you like, I will write. She asks does he like lady’s finger, what else he likes. He says I like everything except few vegs. She asks what, tell me those, I will tell veg vendor not to get those as my husband does not like those vegs. Chotu says I don’t like you Arzoo and goes. She gets shocked.

Its morning, Sandhya sees some people protesting against police. She asks who are they. The people tell that they are laak traders, one of their friend’s laak order was seized, why is police troubling small businessmen. Media reporter asks Sandhya the reason of seizing the laak. She says there was no legal permit and papers, that’s why police seized it. The man says there was so many big things that get passed by police, why did they seize laak, its not harmful. The man says we respect you madam, its just laak, leave it, more businessmen will come to protest. Gul says poor Sandhya, her own people are attacking her, its easy in india to get crowd, our one man raised voice and people joined. FB shows Gul’s man telling the people about police seizing the laak, they can lose business too, I want to raise voice and get your support. The people agree. FB ends. Gul says now I will see how Sandhya does not leave this laak. Sandhya says I understand your problem, I m trying to solve this, I can’t take decision against laws, till the laak bill comes, I can’t release it. Gul looks on. The people say this is not fair. She says get the permit, and you will get laak. She goes inside Pushkar’s collective centre/town hall.

Bhabho meets Arzoo and asks how is she, did she get sleep at night, did she talk to Chotu. She sees Arzoo crying and asks why are you crying. Arzoo says Bhabho, he does not like me, he said this clearly yesterday. Bhabho asks what does this mean, sit, you are not a thing to like or dislike, he married you, he ha to make you his choice, don’t worry, you have to do anything and get your rights, I know Chotu well, he has a golden heart, he just said and you lost your courage, if marriage breaks by word, then many marriages would have broke like this, you have to win his heart. Arzoo says I will try my best. Bhabho blesses her.

Sandhya asks Swami/Gul why did the work not get completed till now, there is less time. He says some imp work has to come, don’t worry, work will get completed on time. The people protest continues. Gul thinks if Sandhya is adamant, we are adamant too, Sandhya has to release laak.

Sooraj is making sweets and says this coconut color looks different. He smells it and puts it in the fryer. It catches fire and he gets shocked. He quickly blows off fire by putting water. The man asks are you fine. Sooraj checks coconut and asks why are all coconut yellow. The man says I found it strange too, even its water is yellow. The lady says when I broke coconut in temple, it caught fire, as if there was kerosene inside it, I was scared. Another lady also complains and says we will go to pandit. Sooraj says its not about few coconuts, we should inform police.

Senior comes to meet Sandhya and asks the man to stop the work. He tells Sandhya that he got news from Pushkar market about something mixed in coconut, the water has some chemical, which catches fire soon, you know Sandhya, holi is celebrated well, if these coconuts are used, it can cause huge blast. Sandhya says was this Gul’s plan to use such coconut to make blasts when people put coconuts in holi dahan. Senior says yes, maybe, just get all those coconuts, this laak case file came to police station. She says I will check these coconuts matter first and then see laak matter. He says it will put pressure on police department, talk to businessmen outside and settle this matter. She says fine and goes out. Gul looks on. She tells them to calm down, as police decided to release laak, we are not your enemies, we seized the laak for your safety, if you help us in our work, it can get easier. The people get glad. Gul thinks this was his plan to divert her mind from laak matter, he mixed chemicals in coconut, its sad Sandhya, you will be happy here and my lakshagrah will get completed.

Arzoo gives Gul a tiffin and says be careful, there is something special in second box. Gul unboxes and asks his men to get laak from other tiffins too.

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