D4 Get Up And Dance 23rd March 2016 Written Episode

Dia, Harry and Amar come to Sonam who was upset in the shaft. Dia asks what happened to her. Sonam says colours, they are as boring, as it is Holi and they don’t have celebrated Holi party here. Amar says this is Goa, no one plays Holi here. Sonam says she will arrange an amazing party here. Harry asks where they will arrange the party. Sonam says Amar is going to arrange it on shaft. Amar says his job is really dear to him. Harry suggests he knows about a place.
Mikhail tells them he can’t allow, but Sonam insists on him. Harry and Dia laugh at her ways. Sonam says everyone wants to play Holi but everyone is afraid of him. Dia and Harry come to insist. Mikhail agrees, and says there is a condition that no one will put a color on him without his permission. Sonam starts off again, when Amar pulls her and takes her out.
Team D4 make the arrangements. Sonam asks Amar what happened. Amar says he is trying Baby’s number, she isn’t picking up. Sonam says there is much work left, Baby will come. Tara comes there helping with arrangements, Amar was staring at her and fell off. Sonam tells him not to think much and just see what she does. They all enjoy in the party. Sonam and Amar does the comparing, Mikhail and Nehtra come as special guests. Mikhail wishes them all a happy Holi thanking them to come on a very short notices. Sonam says this party seems to be a bit dull, so they have some performances for them. She announces the performance of Amar and Tara, Tara was clueless about it. The performance begins, Tara, Amar and Sonam perform. They come down the stage and put on colors at each other. After the performance, Sonam announces the arrival of Mandy and Antra. Mikhail welcomes them to the party. Dia puts on colour at them. Amar and Sonam ask them to play a game, they have to empty a tissue box with one hand only; they were to compete the dancing couple Dia and Harry. Next is Harry and Dia’s performance. After the performance, Sonam calls Antra and Mandy to sing something for them. Antra asks all the couples to join them.
Randhir comes to the party. Mikhail welcomes him and teases that the one he has been looking for hasn’t arrived. Sanyokta and Aryan comes to the party. Sanyu notices Randhir standing there too. Sonam comes to Aryan and Harry and introduces herself as the host. Amar calls him on stage, she backs up. Aryan tries to stop her but she trips on the sofa.
On the stage, Sonam fells on Amar, and calls Aryan as hot. Mikhail puts on colour on Sanyu. Amar calls them and asks to play another game. Sonam calls Sonam, Aryan and Randhir. They all wish the crowd happy holi and thanks Mikhail for invitation. Sonam says a ball will be rolled, the one at whom the ball will stop will have to kiss the person standing besides them. Sonam says Amar and Tara will also play. The ball stops in the hands of Randhir, Sonam says he will kiss Sanyu but Harry stops the game there saying it is getting really boring. Sonam says Aryan will now perform, and offers to be his partner. Aryan says he already has a partner and dances with Sanyu.
Nehtra says to Sonam that in a performance there is always a dance, not what Sonam is doing. She calls Sonam an idiot. Sonam asks Nehtra to show her some performance. Nehtra accepts the challenge. Mikhail and Harry dance with her. Sonam curtly watch the performance. Everyone danced with them. Nehtra comes down the stage, watches Sonam and leaves. Ria, Anaita and Karan arrive to the party. Mikhail welcomes them. Amar comes to hug them. Mikhail says he is from themselves as well. Amar brings them inside. Ria was left alone. Karan turns to see her there and comes to her. He says this is Holi, she must forget yesterday, they will fill the life with new colours from today. Sonam makes the announcement about Karan, Ria and Anaita. The three wish the crowd with Happy Holi. Amar says now will be the best performance, as he will also be a part of it. Karan and Ria perform together.
Sonam comes to Mikhail at the bar, she says she has watched him smiling for the first time. It’s a big day for her, and offers him a drink. She says among all the pretty girls here wants to dance with him. Mikhail says he doesn’t want to dance with them. Sonam asks him to dance for them, for D4. Mikhail agrees.
Mikhail comes to stage. Harry performs with him. After the performance, Sonam announces for the fun to begin. Amar, Tara, Sonam, Dia and Harry perform as they all play Holi. Mikhail beats the drum, there is light romance between Harry and Dia.

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