Chandra Nandini 6th December 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with nandini finding Chandra and she asks a soldier where Chandra is? Soldier says he is inside you can go. Nandini enters the room and sees Chandra bathing. Chandra hears the sound and says give me my towel, then he remembers what Helena told him that next time she comes she wants to see him the way he is in the bath. Chandra thinking it is Helena tells that come here and wipe me. Nandini is shocked but takes towel and goes near Chandra to wipe him, Chandra says what happened? Nandini says I wanted to say…Chandra says its you? And go back. Nandini goes back. Nandini says you said I should wipe your back. Chandra says I thought its Helena and he takes the towel and covers himself. Nandini says you have taken everyone from me and I am begging you to spare my brother dhana nands
life and keep him alive. Chandra says I will not leave your brother and he will be punished. Chandra goes and nandini is in tears.
Helena is looking at the towel she used to wipe chandras back. She strokes it and is in love with Chandra. Helena sees a portrait of maliketu in an old container and takes and burns it and says who kept this filth here. Helena puts the towel on her bed and sleeps on it.
Chandra is entering his room when chanakya comes and says Chandra this is not the room of the king. Chandra says why are you saying this? And it is. Chanakya says it is your room but not the kings room and the king has to sleep in the room of his new bride for the night after the marriage. Chanakya says a king has to take the hard decisions and you have to. Chandra says I am sorry I will not. Chanakya gets angry and says okay then maharaj I will go and he turns to go. Chandra is astounded and says why did you call me maharaj and no one is here. Chanakya says if you were my student you would not say no to my order but you have become Magadha king so now you are not listening to me so I am going king and you can do what you want to. Chandra feels ashamed and he enters nandinis room. Nandini is thinking how gautami was crying for her brothers life to be spared. She thinks how do I save dhana nand? Chandra comes and sleeps on the bed. Nandini is angry and sad. She goes and takes a dagger and says I should kill Chandra and my brother will be saved if this happens. Nandini kills Chandra but seems it was a hallucination. She goes near Chandra and attacks but it just puts scar on Chandras hand and Chandra gives a reflex and holds nandini. He says I knew you would do something like this and you cant kill me so easily. Chandra takes the dagger and throws nandini on the bed and ties her, he removes her upper clothes with dagger. Nandini cries, Chandra says this is what your father did to my mother everyday for countless years. Chandra feels sad and doesn’t want to do this, but he then says now its morning and time for your bath and today your bath will be such that you will remember it. Chandra picks nandini and takes her to the bath, he throws her inside, then as she has scars from Chandra, Chandra takes turmeric paste on her scar and is sad, nandini bites chandras hand, Chandra takes his hand and in reflex by mistake it brushes off nandinis forehead. Chandra says see this blood on your forehead from my hand and we are bound to be together and I will torture you all your life.
After bath Chandra ties nandini on a chair and tells her you will stay here tied so that you don’t do anything and wait for the news of your brother.
At the death penalty area, dhana nand is put on the wooden block for his head to be cut. Chanakya tells that let the procedure be done as said by king. Chandra is sad and his eyes swell with tears, he tells the soldier to stop before he kill dhana nand. Chandra goes to chanakya and falls at his legs and starts crying and says I don’t know what to do and I can not take the decision of killing dhana nand and yesterday you being my teacher felt as a prisoner for my commands and I am not the one to lead you but you are and you the great scholar and teacher advisor of Magadha take the decision and not the king. And I cant make my teacher sad and bound to my orders. Chanakya smiles and swells up with watery eyes and says get up Chandra hugs him. Chanakya then gives the order to not kill dhana nand and keep him tied in the prison cell. As dhana nand is taken back, he laughs and says Chandra you are weak and your days will end soon.
Nandini is tied and is crying and says I could not save my brother, gautami comes. Nandini says I am sorry I could not save your husband and my brother and you are a widow because of me. Gautami unties nandini and says what are you saying and Chandra spared dhana nands life and has taken him back from the death penalty. Gautami is happy and hugs nandini. Nandini says but how? And Chandra said he would kill him even after I asked him. Gautami says maybe he has started liking you. Nandini is shocked.

Precap: a servant is telling Helena that Chandra told us to go out from the bath and then it was Chandra and nandini inside, that is why maybe dhana nand has been spared, the servants giggle. Helena in her room screams in anger and says I will not let nandini come closer to Chandra.


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