Chandra Nandini 4th January 2017 Written Episode

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Nandini checks Chandras wound and remembers padmananad once curing a mantri with such injury with a special medicine which he keeps in a cupboard when she was a litter girl,Nandini says this medicine is in the mahal now how will I take him to mahal,Nandini sees a cart and asks the farmer for help.nandini with help of farmer takes Chandra to cart.

Maliketu is informed that we have successfully attacked Chandragupta with the posionous arrow, maliketu says some time more and soon I will be magad Samrat. Padmananad and his troop still waiting for Nandini and hear a horse arriving and get take their positions, but are surprised to see its their own informer that Nandini and Chandra have left the other way to magad.Padmanand gets very angry.

Nandini requests the farmer to be fast, maharaja
health is falling,Nandini gets chandra to mahal,everyone panics,maliketu stands aside and smirks and says Chandra will not survive there isn’t any antidote to this poison. Vaidya trying to cure Chandra. Helina says Nandini you attacked chandra and you are responsible for this, you did this for sake of your revenge,you took your fathers help,Nandini says no helina my father hasn’t attacked,he was to attack the temple way but I didn’t let him,helina says do you think we are fools, Nandini says trust me,right now we need to save Chandra,mora says stop it,Chandra is battling with life and you two,quite now,and leaves with durdhara.helina says Nandini stop you can’t go in, as a ruling queen I order to put you behind the bars,Nandini says helina stop,I know to cure Chandra please stop only I have antidote stop helina,durdhara hears this.

Nandini is trapped,she keeps begging to let her get the antidote and save Chandra,Durdhara informs about Nandini to mora, helina says durdhara don’t believe her,maliketu says yes Nandini is a liar,Vaidya says I don’t have antidote this is kalkot poison,durdhara says ma Nandini was saying same thing,lets trust her,mora says yes,helina says no we shouldn’t trust her,mora says this decision is is for sake of my sons life Nandini will come here,and not a word against it,maliketu thinks no this can’t happen.

Mora goes to Nandini and says can you really save Chandra,Nandini says yes ma I can save Chandra,mora says please save my son, Nandini goes to the secrete cupboard and gets the antidote and goes to Chandra,helina stops her,mora says helina step back,Nandini goes to Chandra and with help of Vaidya starts aiding Chandra. Maliketu thinks it’s too late now,the poison must have done its work by now,Nandini says vaidyaji now we have to apply this thrice to four times,Vaidya says we will do every single thing required.Maliketu thinks it’s impossible Chandra won’t survive.

Next Morning,Vaidya says look maharaj is gaining conscious,maliketu is shocked,Vaidya says maharaj it’s a miracle you at saved thanks to maharani,mora says yes Chandra Nandini saved your life by her antidote,whole night she was by you curing you, I was so scared,Chandra looks at Nandini. Helina in her room says this can never happen Chandra and Nandini never,helinas ma steps in and says dear you are so upset what is it,helina says good you are here I wanted to share so many things with you,her mother starts dancing with helina and says this is what love gives jealousy pain and kills you ability to think,helina says ma I need your help you were right,Nandini is making her way to Chandras heart.

Ma says I know helina , Chandra is your and he always will be yours now come say sorry to Nandini,helina says no ma,ma says if you want Chandra do as I say, if you can win by taking a step back do so but remember every step of yours should be a very careful one.

Pre cap: Nandini says to Chandra love is life,when you will fall in love you will willing sacrifice even your precious things for loved ones.

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