Chandra Nandini 2nd January 2017 Written Episode

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Nandinis turban falls down and Girdhar sees nandinis hair and says so Jayant is a female, Nandani says walks to him and says see I’m not coward I completed your challenge,he says yes you did come lets go to ashram and rest and holds Nandini close to him and says Jayant friend you are very brave,Nandini thinks Chandra will be surprised to see my bravery.

On arriving at location,girdhar says I will get milk and thinks this girl has broken rules and also defeated us men and by punishing her I will show her what women are for,and adds bhang in nandinis glass.nandini drinks the milk . on their way back to ashram,he asks Jayant are you fine, Nandini says no I’m feeling giddy and have headache,he holds Nandini very close to her and makes her very uncomfortable,Chandra sees Nandini giddy
and in girdhars arms and asks what’s going here, girdhar says see your friend is not well come help him and runs away, Chandra says Nandini,oh no looks like he has given her something alcoholic,Nandini says I want more kesar milk,Chandra picks Nandini in his arms,Nandini says you what are you doing here and where are we going out me down and don’t you ever laugh.

Chandra says shutup Nandini, I can laugh but now keep quite, nandini says you can’t laugh let me teach you and starts laughing,Chandra says I will drop you here, nandini says oh how sweet you can leave me here and nothing will Happen to me because mitahmaharaj is coming and he will kill you and rescues me so I’m telling you laugh a little, and goes off to sleep, Chandra says why is quite now I hope she is fine,Chandra puts Nandini down,Nandini says I thought I will fall in love and marry but married my enemy,Chandra says love is meaningless,nandini says love gives meaning to life you will not understand and holds him close and goes off to sleep.

Nandini sleeping over Chandra ,Nandini Wakes up and sees herself on Chandra and panics,and says where am I and what place is this, and wakes up Chandra, Chandra and where are we, chandra says you remember nothing, good I knew this secret location,Nandini says I remember nothing, I was with Girdhar having kesar milk and then,Chandra says it contained alcohol and showed your new side and you did I feel shy,Nandini says not possible,I can never,Chandra says you did,see this scratches,I tried stopping you but you, Nandini starts crying,Chandra says I was just kidding stop crying,Nandini says I will kill you,Chandra says later carry your wigs before you leave.

Padmanand asks is Nandini given proper guidance about the plan,he says yes,padmanand says Chandra it’s time for revenge of my sons death and my daughters pain. Girdhar says sorry maharaj Chandragupta I didn’t know it was maharani Nandini,Chandra says she is lady most importantly you are lucky I don’t attack on Brahmin and ladies and so go so far that I never reach you because you wing be spared next time.

All students waiting for acharya Chanakyas arrival as results will a nicked by him,Chandra present in disguise too, Chanakya arrives,he says eduction is by important which gives knowledge to tackle every problem and this exam wasn’t a simple and the three who passed it are par excellence but for me the most intelligent one will be who will answer my question and for that the top 3 candidate step forward, Sukesh murlidhar and Jayant, Nandini thinks oh god I have to go near acharya Chanakya,Nandini looks at Chandra, he asks her to proceed.

Chanakya says based on the knowledge received from where would you use it In future, Sukesh says I will apply as a mantri in kingdom,Murlidhar says I will join a trader,Nandini answers I will share this knowledge, Chanakya asks how will this benefit you, Nandini says a king or a trader can easily gain it but praja it’s hard to gain and by sharing with them we all can educate ourself and proceed to betterment, Chanakya says Jayanta answer is selfless and so I announce him the winner,Chanakya about to hand her momentum a lady’s voice is heard which asks him to stop.

Pre cap: maliketu is informed we have successfully attacked, maliketu says now just few hours more and I will be magads Samrat.
Chandra lies injured and Vaidya treating him and mora in tears.

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