Chandra Nandini 29th December 2016 Written Episode

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Nandini says chandra tell me why did you come here in disguise , chandra says I cant come here as a king its not possible, nandini says why do you help me when I’m your enemey, chandra sees a man selling his dasi and walks to him.

Durdhara sees Helena and gets scared, Helena says what’s wrong with you anyways where is chandra , durdhara says nandini is in her room and chandra I don’t know, Helina says I don’t wish to know about nandini and you , durdhara says look your dasi is here, helina is informed her bath is ready and she leaves, durdhara says she is so dangerous how difficult it is to hide information from Helena about chandra and nandini not here.

Chandra buys the dasi, nandini sees it and says characterless man, chandra asks man this is illegal why
sell women then, the man says and who are you to ask, chandra says I’m the king here, he gets shocked and says maharaj sorry forgive me, chandra says this time I let you go but remember my men are here in disguise and all women are equal and should have their rights.

Chandra sees nandini go away and follows her and says where are you going your exam, nandini says I don’t wish to come with you I’m going back magad, you on my name buying women, chandra says oh see they were dasi and if I don’t buy them who will help you and me in the mahal like cooking bathing, nandini says enough ,chandra says I like this new look of yours,dasis come to chandra and says Thankyou for saving us but bow we have no place to live help us, chandra says don’t worry go to the village nearby and they will help you earn your living, dasi says Thankyou maharaj and leave.
Chandra says so nandini you going magad,nandini says no I’m going to my examination centre.

Chandra says nandini you are here ad a male acharya will be here anytime, acharya walks in, he looks at both and asks you both are opting, chandra says no i have opted before and passed I’m here for my friend, acharya says good narate rishi maharshi schlock and explain it, nandini narrates and explains in male voice,acharya says good you can opt for exam from tomorrow and leaves, chandra says now lets see what books you keep reading and have learned.

Chandra and nandini with their roommates and introduce each other , nandini says I’m Jayant from magad, chandra doesn’t like nandini getting along with men, nandini feels secured with chandras present.

Nandini sleeping beside a stranger and thinks how can I sleep, a man puts his arm on her, chandra sees nandini struggling and gets up and in anger walks to her and sleeps in between them and on asking says my partner is snoring a lot so I will sleep here.

Nandini says why are you so close, chandra says see its me better then him, nandini says I don’t want even either of you two, chandra says you have no option so go to sleep.

Next morning everyone wake up, nandini sees chandra sleeping next to her and acts as if she is asleep when he wakes up, chandra smiles seeing nandini asleep and leaves. Nandini gets a cramp and her partner tries helping her forcefully, nandini tries avoiding him but he doesn’t listen.

Chandra sees nandini with the guy and gets very angry seeing him touch nandini,a friend their says it looks like it’s not your friend but your wife chill, Nandini remembers Chandra asking her to behave like a men and so stops reacting and so good friend I’m feeling relaxed, Chandra pushes him and says sorry friend it was a mistake and purposely torchers him more,that friend leaves in pain.

Chandra says Nandini couldn’t you denie,Nandini says hello you asked me to behave like this,and why are you acting so possessive,Chandra says I was b ing protective and leaves, Nandini says he is so weird why was he so possessive.

Precap: Chandra says Nandini you can’t enter examination centre without bathing and so just to be protective you will have to bathe with me,Nandini says what.

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