Chandra Nandini 28th December 2016 Written Episode

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The episode starts with nandini who is reading a huge book which teaches arts, combat tactics and a lot which chanakya teaches his students. Chanrda comes and says why are you even studying that? And my teacher chanakya doesnt teach women so you wont be able to attend the exam. Nandini says but…. chandra says i know now you will ask why? Nandini nods yes. Chandra says because chanakya teaches only men. Nandini says but…. chandra says i know you will ask women and men should be given equality. Nandini nods yes. Chandra says i cant do anything and chanakya will teach only men but you cant even go there in disguise so sit here. Nandini smiles from inside and chandra goes.
There nandini disguises as a kitchen food maker. She walks but helena stops from behind and says wait, nandini gets scared. Helena says why didnt you come with my food? Nandini thinks nice she didnt recognise me. Helena says come and give me my food, durdhara comes and sees that its nandini and she says i should save her. Durdhara goes and says oh you are herehelena and your food has come in your room go, durdhara scolds nandini says come with me you took so much time and she takes nandini, helena goes. Durdhara says you should be alert and if helena recognised you, you would be in trouble. Nandini says okay, durdhara says now best of luck and go give your exam, nandini smiles and hugs durdhara and goes.
There chandra catches nandini and recognises her and takes her in his room and says what are you doing? Nandini says i am from the kitchen and work there, chandra says oh yeah and takes her in fromt of mirror and he puts a herb in her mouth and she gulps it. Nandin says what did you give me? And now a mans voice comes from her mouth. Nandini says thats perfect, chandra says i know its you nandini and listen to act like a man you have to be like a man and i will teach you. Chandra says talk like a man and like a servant and also walk like a man. Chandra teaches nandini everything and then tells now walk and nandini walks and stands in the mirror and smiles. Chandra says thats good now you are a complete man and he smiles.

Precap: a servant is auctioning women and chandra is there. Nandini sees and is hiding and says chandra talks about equality but here he is selling those women?

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