Chandra Nandini 26th October 2016 Written Episode

Chandra sees maliketu busy with friends drinking,Chandra serving alcohol to Greeks n thinks God I have to serve those who are here to rule over my motherland,Chandra hears cook talk abt tomorrows food arrangements, helina signs maliketu to come to her n tells him tonight,maliketu says I want to see u in Indian wear n no one will recognise u. Kidnappers decide to kidnap a queen or a princess n this will give them lot of money.

Helina asks Nandini to get her traditional outfit,Nandini says helina I know there is something fishy tell me the truth,helina says yes I’m meeting someone,yes he is a Yuvraj n no one shd know who I am, I have to disguise in traditional outfit,Nandini asks who it is,helina says for now it is secret n ones my Yuvraj conveys our news to his elders I will let u know,for
me he is very previous,I love him a lot,nandinis ays wow I will help u get ready.

Chandra says helina dressed in traditional outfit,kidnappers put a blanket on her n take her away,Chandra sees that,helina shouts,Nandini hears her voice and rushes to help,Chandra says God if Nandini recognises me my mission will be endangered n on other hand I have to save a lady in difficulty.

Chandra on his horse rushes to help,Nandini on her horse gets the kidnapper a n fights them to save helina but kidnapper push her n she hits her head,kidnappers get very happy on having two princesses n more money now,kidnapper abt to attack helina ,Chandra comes there n kills them,helina recognises Chandra as dushant ( chndra introduced himself as dushant to Sikander ).

Helina goes help Nandini who is unconscious, Chandra walks to them. Maliketu is informed abt helinas kidnap,maliketu gets very angry n says useless soldiers go get a troop n find her. Chandra sees maliketu approaching with soldiers,n goes hides near a tree. Maliketu walks to helina n hugs her n spasms are u fine,helina says I was here to see u but these kidnappers, thanks to dushant he saved me but this poor girl tried saving me n is injured,maliketu says she is Nandini,Nandini gains back conscious,helina says Nandini relax we are fine now,maliketu keep this secret, this incident isn’t good for us, maliketu walks to Nandini n says what If she tells everyone,helina says don’t worry dushant will drop her n says dushant drop her safely,maliketu n helina leave.

Chandar with Nandini on horse,Nandini hugs him tightly. Chandra helps Nandini rest on her end n his hand gets stuck,Nandini is unconscious,Chandra frees himself n walks out,n thinks why does destined always put me forward in helping my enemy’s daughter.

Helina tells Nandini abt Chandra,Nandini says wow I will ask pitaji to admit him in our troop,helina says late , I have already appointed him in Greeks and I like to be ahead always ahead,Nandini for me it’s Important that when I’m there, no one needs to be ahead or behind.

Bharat ma- Chanakya on other hand had started working on Chandras army and a strong support for him.

Chanakya meets a King for his support and says tough Chandra isn’t from any kingdom but he has a big army n future ahead him n so it’s ur decision when to stand with Chandra or Greeks.

Helina says to Chandra u saved me n so u won’t be cook but a Greek soldier now, ask me what u wish,Chandra says I saw u being kidnapped but waited for right time, n the reasons behind it was in return I wanted to be with Greeks, helina says how dare u, be lucky that I’m keeping u alive,but I like ur honesty,Chandra says I’m good at hiding things too, helina remembers asking maliketu last night to keep the incident a secret,helina says I like ur honesty n ur attitude anyways last night u saved my friend Nandini n she will be here to thanku.

Nandini walking to helinas tent,maliketu comes in her way, Nandini remembers seeing him last night asking for mother,maliketu says I hope u are safe why did u take this risk,Nandini says I’m a warrior n so ran to save helina,maliketu so did I came to save u both, let me introduce I’m maliketu parvatak prince n would be King,parvatak Kings shows padmanand maliketu n Nandini conversing n says looks like they like each other.maliketu says I would have met u long back at ur swayamvar but n tries to get close to Nandini,Nandini finds it odd n steps back n says I guess pitahamaharaj is calling m n leaves.

Pre cap: Chandra covers his face with mask so that Nandini doesn’t recognise him.Nandini says thanku, Chandra says don’t thank me, I wa stop save helina but since u were there,Nandini says but u are Bhartiya,Chandra says I’m Bhartiya for those who are with my Bharat ma.

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