Chandra Nandini 23rd January 2017 Written Episode

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Helina starts laughing and says ma have some fruits, it’s time to celebrate,Nandini and Chandra were together whole day, how sweet let’s celebrate ma,what is this ma, you said this fast won’t be completed but I saw everything was all good you did nothing, so celebrate you daughters defeat,ma has an apple,helina gets very angry and says ma what is this,ma says you have one too,helina throws everything away,ma says stop and says learn to control your anger, patience is answer to everything and you soon will see Chandra and Nandini separate for ever and leaves.

Sunanda in her room,helinas ma walks in and says let’s go,both covered in blankets go to secrete room,Ma says Nandini,Nandini turns and smokes on her face,and says I’m Roopa don’t dare call me Nandini,right
Sunanda ma,helinas ma says keep this acting and you will be in Gold and gives her lot of gold, Roopa says Sunanda ma we will not take money from her,this I’m doing for myself, I want everything that Nandini has, I want to see Nandini destroyed and so I have joined hands with you so no money,helina mother says okay no money for this,but how do you resemble Nandini,Sunanda says you don’t need to know that,anyways you just have to keep Nandini and Roopa away from each other.

Helina mother asks why do you hate Nandini,Roopa says you soon will know and don’t ask two many questions or else I won’t work for you,helina mother says but this face,Roopa says god gave me this face so that I remember my enemity against Nandini,everyone come out of the secret room .roopa says now I want to know what else Nandini has, every single thing this face isn’t enough,oh no Nandini is on her way look,Nandini passing corridor in tears,Roopa slowly goes inside the secrete room.

Nandini says badi ma I was looking for you please come it’s important,Sunanda leaves with her. Roopa goes back to mahal as Nandini,she looks at herself in mirror and hides her long nails seeing Chandra walk in,Chandra finds it weird,nandini goes and hug him,dadi sees them and gets happy,Chandra says what’s wrong,Nandini says it’s dadi behind,Chandra says your nails it’s hurting,Nandini says good,and you aren’t bad closer you know,Chandra says really don’t I look good otherwise but now get your nails cut and why are you acting so weird,Roopa thinks control Roopa or else he will Learn the truth.

Nandini says badi ma who is doing all this some say I slapped helina or smoke or with maliketu and you also know I never liked maliektu but Chandra thinks I do,Sunanda thinks oh no this is not good this way Nandini will learn the truth and now I have to divert Nandini and says Nandini this is because you are nands daughter don’t forget he is same Chandra who killed you brothers and defeated your father and since I’m your mother too I think you need medical health,Nandini says even you don’t understand what I’m trying to say and runsaway,Sunanda says oh no if she goes to her room and sees Roopa in her room it’s not good.

Nandini says Chandra dadi is here,dadi walks in and says I always walk in wrong time,anyways Nandini I’m so happy with you for the completion of teej Pooja and here is gift for you and Chandra you give this to Nandini after I leave,Chandra says okay,dadi leaves,Chandra says god how long we have to keep acting I don’t like all this.Sunanda tries stopping Nandini running to her room,helina mother acts as if injured and says Nandini please me,Nandini helps her and takes her to her room.sunanada walks to nandinis room and says sorry maharaj but I need to take Nandini along with me,Chandra says sure.

Helina mother says thank you Nandini,helina will take care of me now you may go,Nandini leaves,helina says let me put some medicine,ma says I’m fine,helina says I never understand what you are up to,ma says when time comes I will explain you. Maliektu and Chaya in garden,Chaya says why you got me here today,maliektu says it’s good for pregnant women from tomorrow we will come everyday,Chaya stumbles and holding her maliektu hurts himself,Chaya says oh no and sees Nandini and says Nandini please help him look he is bleeding,Nandini says relax I will be back with medicine,maliketu says Chaya relax I’m a warrior it’s fine.

Nandini gets medicine,Chaya says I feel puckish due to medicine smell,Nandini please help apply this it will be very helpful,Nandini says okay,and helps maliketu,Chandra sees them from upstairs and says what are these three doing here,and sees nandinis hand says she cut her nails,this means it was just to hurt me and now since maliektu shouldn’t be hurt she cut them.

Pre cap : Nandini asks Chandra to apply body wash on her back,Chandra while doing so in awkwardness ,Nandini says I have to tell you something I really like you and we should give it a fresh start don’t you think so maliektu.

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