Chandra Nandini 22nd December 2016 Written Episode

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Durdhara sending soldiers outside Chandras room to Helena in order to secure her room and Nandini and durdhara takes Chandra to his room as they land him on his bed Helena standing beside sees it and asks what is happening and who is the man (Nandini disguised as a prince) standing beside then durdhara answers that he is prince who helpedchandra to come in his room as he was drunk so Helena gifts him and them he leaves Helena orders even durdhara to go out but to close the door and get out. Next day morning Chayas and Malays wedding takes place where Chandra calls Helena instead of nandini for kanyadan but Nandini still in shock how there is a sudden change in Malays behaviour by the time gatbandhan ceremony is done by durdhara and then the wedding is completed and they are declared as a married
couple while the remaining post marriage ceremonies are done in the main hall where Helena has to perform a ceremony with Malay where they have a talk where Malay says to Helena that she is still in love with him but is showing anger on her face but she says that she doesn’t love him and is living a happy life with Chandra but he says that she cannot ignore him as he will be all the time beside her so she cannot ignore him so Helena replies that she doesn’t care about such things. Where Dadaji says that due to this marriage ceremonies I’m very tired but mora says that don’t worry you will be fine while the dasi says that it was the time to send Chaya to her in laws house so mora says that take Chaya to her room so after ceremony he takes her to her room while on the way he says that Chaya love makes man weak and this is true but Chaya replies that love is good once you take its experience you will understand but Chandra says that it is not possible because you lost your love because of it but she says that it is natures rule that two lovers cannot live together for a long time and by the time they reach the room. There Malay and his friends talking about Malays marriage and they say to Malay to go to room and enjoy his night with his new life by the time he walks off they both starts praising Chandra Malay gets angry and says he is still a farmer for me all he has is been given by me and was engaged with Nandini for ruling on Magadh that is the reason for marrying with Chaya where in the room Chandra giving good wishes for Chaya for a good life with Malay and prays to God to keep him away from love.

Malay telling Nandini that Chandra is treating you only as his enemies daughter so you come on my side so that we both will kill him and conquer Magadh and hand it over to NAND.

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