Chandra Nandini 21st December 2016 Written Episode

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Chandra thinking about something and walking and the same time sees someone’s shadow and attacks the person and finds that it is durdhara and in fear she scatters all the knives and in shock Chandra asks why was she moving like a spy and what are the knives for and durdhara answers that at peeplivan Helena tried to kill her and eat her heart so for protection she wants to take all knives from the palace and throw it away then Chandra asks her how did she protect herself from Helena then durdhara says that she is very brave and protected herself and the same she wants to do with him so that no one attacks him by the Helena comes and hears it and asks that who wants to attack Chandra while durdhara gives some reason and goes away and Helena says that she is ready for everything and is ready for Chaya and Malays marriage and for today’s function beer will be given by me as it has been brought from Macedonia. By the time Nandini gets ready as a prince for Malays function to get his truth out and goes there and tries every thing but Malay passes every test but he passes all the test and even Chandra praises him. While he sees Nandini pouring liquor in the pot and catches her and shouts at her that why had she been in the function as he had told her not to interfere in these matters then why did she do so but while shouting at her he faints and he falls and Nandini and she c tries to wake him up but he didn’t wake up then she calls durdhara for help the durdhara says that now o the only way is that we both should carry him to his room so they both carry Chandra to his room but they find some soldiers in their way so durdhara sends them to Helena on the reason that she wants to increase security outside her room and they both take him to his room.

Precap :durdhara finds that she is pregnant and takes a promise that when the baby is born and if anything happens to me you will take care of my baby.

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