Chandra Nandini 20th December 2016 Written Episode

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The episode begins with malayketu removing his wig and Chandra saying that Malay wants to marry my sister and I am going to plan and do it in a small occasion hearing this Helena moves away from there seeing Helena moving away Chandra follows here and says that I know u don’t like this but this is the truth but Helena says that the person who should be under my feet that person is your choice for Chaya in anger she says to Chandra to move away or else she would kill him but Chandra orders her to listen to him that it was Malay who was our spy and gave every information about NAND to us that was the reason that we could survive the attack of peeplivan. Helena says that he did the same before for leadership and the same he is doing now but Chandra interrupts her by saying that it was Malay

who asked to marry Chaya and it is my order that you should listen my orders and then he moves to his room where Nandini stops him tells him he wants to marry Chaya because he just wants to rule on Magadh. After that when he was passing by Chayas room he sees that Malay is taking care of Chaya and goes back to nandinis room and brings her to Chayas room and shows her that how Malay is taking care of her by looking after her reading books for her. Showing that Chandra shouts at Nandini and says that she really don’t want to see his family and from now not to interfere in his family matters. But by seeing that Nandini in shock returns to her room thinking that how Malay has changed while in her way Malay stops her and Nandini thinking that why has he stopped her and turns to Malay. Malay saying that I am really sorry to stop you but I am here to apologise for what I have done so that I can start a new life because I have understood that NAND is not a good person. Nandini gets angry and says how dare you but he interrupts saying that Chandra us a better King and good person compared to your father so I apologise for all and to get a good start I want to take a good care of her baby so I say sorry for anything wrong between us as you are my sister in law from now saying this he moves out from here. After that Nandini moves to her mother and says that Malay cannot change and I know it because I have seen his this behaviour before and then her mother says that why are you worried for her because Chandra is her brother and has decided Chayas marriage with Malay. Nandini says that she is in this situation because of my brother and I will always keep fighting for her always.

Chandra standing near the pillar thinking about Chaya while he sees someone’s shadow and attacks and blocks that person to the wall.

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