Chandra Nandini 17th October 2016 Written Episode

Chandra is hit by his baba for not getting more coins n says I have spent so much on this boy who will return me that money,ma tries to stop him,Chanakya walks in n says I will pay u, I will buy ur boy, n Chanakya pays all the money he has,ma tries to stop him n says Chandar don’t u love ur ma,Chandra says ma I don’t like this love, keep this money n baba won’t hurt u anymore n says to baba dare u hit my ma, I will kill u if u touch her n acharya tell me what can I do for u,Chanakya says u have to what u just said n that is keep love away from u n ur heart away from ur brains n says from today I’m ur everything n ur aim is magad kingdom,ur body n my knowledge n we will change magad n ur heart shd never over come ur actions n kautalya Niti taught to u by me will invent new
Bharat b Chanakya n Chandar will be one from today.

Amartya rakshas teaching prince of magad archery n padmanand watching him act, Nandini aims the bulls eye, padmanand gets very happy n says see Amartya my daughter will rule over Bharat, she is more intelligent then my son n so u will teach her too,Amartya says sorry my principle don’t allow me too,padmanand says I will kill u if u say no, padmanand says for my Nandini I’m her everything n so I will teach her,n walks away with her.

Nandini takes padmanands blessings n says u are my guru now. Chanakya to Chandra, value knowledge before everything,even before love. Nandini says pitamaharaj for me love is everything n with this love i will rule over Bharat.

Bharat ma – Chandra n Nandini were unaware that soon their respective thoughts were going to unite.

Nandini defeats padmanand, n so does Chandra defeats Chanakya, Chanakya says good aim but u shd aim the heart n so attack n says now u have to walk on these lotus leaves over water,go practice, Chandra starts practicing n says this is so impossible, Chanakya throws stone n says see it drowned bco this doesn’t have speed n then throws a stone in speed n it dances over water n passes the bank,Chanakya says be like this stone n till u master this u won’t sleep,remember speed is very Important n for a warrior speed matters a lot.

A grownup Chandra sees magad soldiers torturing praja n steps in n fights them,while doing so he makes one weapon of all the soldiers javelin,n fights them. Chandra frees trapezoid people,they thank Chandra. Chndra hears foot steps approaching them n takes swords n keeps at the persons neck. Chanakya is informed abt Chandra n his act, Chandra says I thought he is soldier but I stoked when I realise it is maliketu,Chanakya slaps chndra n says why didn’t u kill n says u I asked u to be with Chandra but u went after him like a coward n Chandra I sent u to save adivasi, u did save him but ur maliketu tried to take credit n so he is punished today n he will get no food.

Chandra having food with other students, his mate who is prince says I won’t leave u alone, he receives a love letter from princess n says see I get letters but this Chandra, when I go back whole army will be in my foot n Chandar will have no one.(maliketu- mate)

Chandras friends ask him don’t u fall for women, Chandra says love, I hate this word n never fall for it, Nandini hears her sister in laws talk abt her wedding n runs in angers away from castle, soldiers n servants run behind her to stop her,Nandini runs n jumps into a well. Padmanand is informed abt Nandini jumping into well after hearing abt wedding,padmanand says shutup how dare u say this abt my daughter, she will never do such thing, I can’t live without her,n sees her in front all wet, Nandini smiles, padmanand hugs her n says why did u jump,Nandini says pitahshree I jumped in water to save a lamb, padmanand says why did u do so n that to save a lamb, Nandini shows tamarind n says I went to get u these, padmanand gets very happy n says this is my daughter she loves her father a lot.

Nandini says to her bhabhi I will never marry , I will stay with my father,bhabhi says never u have to marry,Nandini says to marry I have to love someone more than my father n that’s not possible. Chandra says if ever I marry that decision will be from brain n not heart, Nandini says marriage decision will be taken from my heart after all it’s love.

Pre cap : Nandini says to padmanand , if u wish I will marry but on one condition, the man has to defeat dharam bhaiya is swords.

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