Chandra Nandini 13th October 2016 Written Episode

Baba slaps Chandra, ma tries to stop him,baba says I want to get alcohol tell me where u hide the money,n starts hitting him,Chandra says I will repay every single hit of yours,baba gets angry n leaves, Chandra says ma this money is urs don’t dare u give him,why don’t u leave this man,ma says he is changed but I still love him,love gives strength,Chandra says love is weakness,ma says I love u too,Chandra says if u staying with him for me I will leave this place n since love is behind everything I hate love n love will never make ur son weak.

Nandini playing, she goes to jail even after soldiers asking her not to go, Nandini goes to mora n asks is there any place here I can hide,mora says this is jail n not good for kids,Nadini says I know, I’m Magads princess Nandini n
my father will find me n so I quickly need yo hide, mora remembers cursing nand,Nadini asks who tied u here, mora says an evil man.

Padmanand sentences soldiers death who allowed Nandini in,padmanand sees Nandini n asks what are u doing here, Nadini says to mora see u didn’t let me hide n my father found me, n pitamaharaj who tide her here u are King right then free her, padmanand says I will but now let’s go n have some food,mora says won’t u tell ur daughter who tied me,padmanand says shutup or else, mora say syes kill me n let ur daughter know too how evil her father is n now my son will come n he surely take revenge of all my n his fathers pains, n shows chndraguptas name inscribed on stone n says see nand my son will punish u, Nandini steps on it n says how dare u speak to my father in this tone I will punish u.

Padmanand says Nadini she is a witch n so punished n leaves with Nandini,mora says my son will take revenge nand, he will return for his mother. Avantika waiting for nand on their wedding anniversary n says I know u must be with mora , padmanand walks in, Avantika says see I look I decorated whole room for u but u didn’t come,see all this I made for u, 14 yrs before we got married, I thought we will live as husband n wife but u cheated on me for mora n I wish even I had rejected u as mora,padmanand says I will kill u, Avantika says no u won’t, bcoz Nandini can’t live without me n I know this is the reason u kept me alive for ur lovely daughter n u will never get mora, padmanand gets angry pushes him n leaves.

In Magads announcement is made that today is last day to pay taxes nandinis birthday n if anyone doesn’t they will be killed. Chandra n his fried s see nands son talk abt defeating neighbouring land, Chandra form senapati slowly steals sword, n attacks on them n says meet me the brave warrior, me n my friends are just 5 but, Chandra is asked why did u steal our fruits, Chandra says I won the fruits, this is my land too n this road is made by us n so we deserve fruits n I stole sword bcoz we bet in our friends, Chandra is praised for his bravery n given gold coins, Chandra returns it back n says u threw it n I don’t accept such things, chndraguptas self respect is praised, n gives rajnandini coin special made for her birthday n given to important People have it,Chandra Dar accepts it, Magads soldiers leave.

Bharat ma – Chandragupta never knew ahead in future he was to be inscribed on coins n I was in danger from foreign attacks n padmanand was amongst the reasons behind it.

Foreigner attacks plan to invade Bharat n says this land is land of glory n gold but the whole land is fighting against themselves n we will take advantage of this n no one can ever stop us now.

Acharya is informed abt foreign attacks, Acharya says I will fight these people, Acharya stumbles with a man n says ur death is near u and the reason is alcohol, he says gurudev save me,acharya says here have this medicine n then addresses his disciples knowledge is importance n now I’m going Magad n leaves.

Chanakya with his disciples walk to Magad to save Bharat ma. Chandra gives his ma the coin, baba asks her to give it, n tortures her to get it, baba puts knife on Chandra n threatens ma n takes coin, ma says Chandra I love u the most n not these coins, Chandra says this love is ur weakness n baba takes advantage of it, n now I will go Pataliputra n earn lot of money.

Chandra walks to baba n says give me this coin, I will take this n go Pataliputra n earn lot of money for u, baba says ok n gives him back n says if u cheat me I will kill ur mother, Chanakya decides to go Pataliputra to save Bharat ma.

Bharat ma- Chandra n Chanakya didn’t knew they were going to Pataliputra for big fight ahead for my glory.

Nandini unable to sleep due to moon light n says I don’t like this Chandra it doesn’t allow me to sleep.

Precap: Chandra stops soldiers from hitting mora, he n mora see Nandini going in a Royal cart.

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