Chandra Nandini 11th October 2016 Written Episode

Suryagupta tells mora that nand and Avantika have affair n I have to inform shishupala abt it u don’t open the door till I come,surygupta goes to him n sees nand has already killed him, nand laughs at him n says now I will kill u n marry mora too,surygupta realises mora is in danger this way n abt to go to save him band injures him but he manages to reach mora n tells her abt it, mora n suryagupta while leaving soldiers injure suryagupta,he still manages to save mora n take her away.

Suryagupta n mora reach forest n soldiers following them along with nand, surygupta says I can’t go ahead anymore this is my end but u have to save our son Chandra n he has to take revenge of his father n uncle, n he will take care of my Bharat, I’m with u in from of Chandra now n helps mora
hide beneath leaves n says don’t come out stay here.

Surygupta encircled by nand n his soldiers,nand says where’s ur beautiful wife I will kill u n she will be mine,suryagupta n soldiers get into fight,mora watching all this,hand beheads surygupta n his head falls near mora n she remembers good time spent with him.

Mora runs to save her n her sons life,she reaches a river bank but is in great pain, she starts getting labour pains n shouts in pain,she prays to Lord to save her child, group of peacocks come near mora n surround her, the moon shines bright,the peacocks cover mora with their feathers n son and n his soldiers don’t see her.

Bharat ma= mora gave birth to my bravest son,Chandragupta who was to be the reason behind my glory.

Mora runs with her child,soldiers n nand still looking for mora, mora hides in a stable,she remembers surygupta saying now Chandragupta will save Bharat ma n her glory,mora says Chandra now u have to save Bharat ma n u have to bear this pain n also take revenge of ur fathers death n imprints a feather n Chandra, soldiers find mora,they ask her where is ur son, mora has hidden her in a basket in the stable.

Mora says I will not tell,soldiers start looking for the kid in stable. Avantika address praja n says surygupta killed shishupala n says now the one who will bring me surygupta head I will become his slave,can anyone be so brave n take their maharajas revenge tell me, nand on horse comes to her n says I’m the brave n here is the head, maharaj will rest in peace now n no one will eye on magad anymore n walks to maharani n says u are the queen n so u won’t be slave maharani,I will be slave of magad n the kingdom,but slave n kingdom,n so me nand will serve magad till my last breath n for magads security I announce myself as King of magad.

Praja gets upset n says this is not possible but soldiers threaten them,n says we agree u as our King, nand puts the crown n his head n now I will be called padmanand,n King is the most important person n Bharat will be known by kph is King now, n I assure u our magad will be in my secure hands n away from the dirt outside magad.

Bharat ma – my glory was in dusts after and became King.

Padmanand bathing in water with dasi,soldiers inform him mora is been caught,padmanand asks to get her to him n seeing mora all covered in dirt no ays oh she gave birth where’s her child,soldiers say she hide her,padmanand says I don’t care abt the child but only mora n touches her n says my queen,mora slaps him,padmanand smiles n holds her hand n says wow ur touch softest I ever felt n slap me more plz,mora says dare u touch me I dont even wish to see u,padmanand pour milk on her n says but I wish to see urs,n says be my queens n whole world be in ur feet,mora says I embrace death instead of that,padmanand says embrace me instead.

Avantika sees this n asks what all is going here. Soldiers don’t find Chandra,Chandra is in safe hands.

Pre cap : Mora says to padmanand, I wish Avantika gives birth to a girl n then u shall learn a women pain.
Padmanand is informed that Avantika gave birth to girl and he names her Nandini n is very happy to have her in his life.

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