Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th November 2015 Written Episode

Acharya looks at all of them one by one. Helena remarks that the enemy of an enemy is actually a friend. You only have written it. This is why all the enemies have taken a stand against you today. Flashback is shown. Sushim and Charumita are angry with Acharya as he has ruined all their plans. Helena joins them as well. Let us end Chanakya’s story. He has crossed all the limits. He is our oldest enemy. My father had to face many defeats a lot many times. My son died because of him. Now he wants Ashoka to sit on the throne. How can we bear it? He is not just my enemy but yours too. Sushim knows how smart Chanakya is. He must be keeping an eye on us. He might have gotten all the more alert after the attack made by Noor. Mahamadhya steps in. We will use this very enmity against him. We will act to be his friend. Charumita says he will never trust us. Mahamadhya says neither of you have to do it. I will do it on my own. I will win his trust. He would never imagine what happens with him next. Flashback ends.

Mahamadhya says a shloka. Whoever becomes friend with people will bad mentality, people who try to hurt others, people who live in a bad place gets destroyed real soon. You made the same mistake. Acharya says I wouldn’t have been surprised if Helena, Sushim and Charumita would have come to attack me, but you? You are so wise. You are an Acharya. You should have some beliefs and might have some today too. This is why I passed your name when we were selecting Mahamadhya for Magadh. Mahamadhya thinks of the same. Acharya wonders how he switched sides. Why did you decide to support the traitors? What compelled you to become a murderer? Mahamadhya calls him his helplessness. You made me Mahamadhya and tried to make me indebted to you. You knew you will become great in everyone’s eyes if you will give up on that position. I will only end up as your disciple. You still dint give me full freedom. You continuously insulted me and tried to show me down. The times have changed. Magadh needs something new. Old will have to go. The sad part is you will have to sacrifice your life for what could have happened easily. It is important to kill you as you are standing in everyone’s way. You aren’t ready to back off at all.

Chanakya asks him if he should back down for these selfish people. They are cheating their motherland and their citizens for their own selfish reasons. You wont understand. You haven’t lived the dream of a united India in your every passing second of life. Only those people can understand its importance who knows after how many sacrifices and attempts this dream has come true. This isn’t for some personal selfish reason. it is important for an entire state or country. Not just the people of India but the entire world should take benefit from it. sitting on that throne doesn’t mean that the Samrat should be powerful. The important thing is the responsibility which that person has to fulfil. It is useless to explain anything to you. Helena says we are all fed up of all these great talks. You yourself forget them at time. Mahamadhya says you say you aren’t greedy for throne. You are always interested in finding out or deciding who will sit on the throne. Charumita too asks him who gave him the right to take decisions on their behalf. Chanakya reasons that all his decisions are made for the benefit for Magadh. They have all been taken against the enemies of Magadh. No one has forced me for anything ever. It was my own vow. I will do anything to fulfil that vow. You all might kill me today but my ideals, my values and I will live always through Ashoka. Ashoka will surely put them into practise.

Sushim gets angry hearing him praising Ashoka. What do you see in that Ashoka that you are ready to make him sit on the throne? What do I lack? Tell me why do you feel he is better than me? Chanakya says he means the meaning of the word Acharya. He selflessly takes care of everyone. The citizens who get such a king are actually the kings. They live with respect. There is no difference left between the king and the citizens. Magadh and entire India will see a better future because of such King only, where there is no rich or poor. Mahamadhya points out that this is the reason which stopped him from becoming Samrat. You made Chandragupta Samrat in the end. You are so stubborn. You might not sit on the throne but only you should take the decision as to who will sit on the throne. You started thinking of yourself as God as fate supported you once. No Chanakya, your time is up now.

Sushim says I, Sushim Maurya, the eldest son of Samrat Bindusar, will snatch the throne of Magadh by force. I am feeling bad of the fact that you wont even get a chance to witness that historic moment. You wont even live till then. Acharya replies how entire lineage is ruined because of one bad son. When there is a good person in the same lineage then the darkness goes away. I might not live to see what will happen in future but it isn’t tough for me to figure out the future. History will certainly accept you as Samrat Bindusar’s eldest son but they will only praise Ashoka. Ashoka only will become the Samrat! He will become the servant of the citizens. He will be loved by them. Not just Magadh but he will rule on entire India’s heart. He will rule for humanity. His every decision will be for others. No one will be able to erase his name from history. That person will fail. Time will prove it. Helena and Mahamadhya laughs at him. Sushim asks him where is so called imaginary Samrat is. Charumita too wants to know if he wont come to save his Guru. They all laugh at him.

Mir Khurasan is speaking to Daastan. I wont spare Bindu for what he has done. Daastan rebukes him for his past mistake. Years ago, you forced her to marry Bindusar against her wish. You dint even ask her what she wants. You are responsible for her condition. You changed her destiny the day you fixed her alliance with Bindu. Mir says I made the biggest mistake of my life by getting her married to Bindu. I can never forget myself for it. Daastan reminds him that they are Khurasanis. We don’t cry at situations. We change them. this has been our mission since always. We always find a way out of problems. I have found one this time too. Mir gets curious. Everyone will be watching our every movement carefully this time. Daastan is still sure they will get out of here safely. I have warned Helena of the consequences in case something happens to me. She only will take me out now. Mir agrees to do whatever he will ask from him, if he helps him get out of here. Daastan wants to take revenge for Noor’s death. I want to fulfil her last dream. I want Siamak to sit on the throne.

Ashoka cannot see Acharya in his room. He said he will wait for me here only. He dint even leave me a message. I should inform him asap about whatever happened. where should I look for him? He notices a letter lying there. He reads it.

Acharya says it isn’t important that Ashoka will come to save me and succeeds. Important thing is he will keep the knowledge that his Guru has given him, alive till forever. Ashoka runs towards the place mentioned in the letter. Acharya says I am not scared of death at the moment. If I die today then your deaths will come soon too. Epi ends on Ashoka’s face.

Precap: Acharya’s disciple speaks to Bindu and Dharma. Acharya Chanakya has found out that someone did black magic on Devi Dharma. Bindu asks him if Acharya is certain of this fact. Acharya’s disciple speaks of proofs that Acharya has got. Bindu wants to know the name of the culprit. I want the name of that person. I will kill that person with my own hands. Mahamadhya stabs Acharya. Ashoka is still on his way. He calls out for Acharya as he nears that place.

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