Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th March 2016 Written Episode

Ashoka is shocked to know something. Acharya Radha Gupta says we are about to get the first clue of finding the culprit of Acharya Chanakya. Ashoka knows it happened because of the prize money. Radha Gupta agrees. We inspected the weapon with which Acharya was attacked. That particular gunsmith makes such weapons only. Ashoka says we must not delay then.

Siamak meets Helena in jail. He tells her that father trusted his fake tears. He felt guilty. You were right. Helena tells him to always follow her words. You will be safe then. He is worried as Sushim and Charu can do anything if they can team up with a tantric. Ashoka is also my enemy now. I have enemies all around. Helena says I am still alive. I wont die till I make you sit on the throne. One plan failed not I. I have changed my plan. My father will leave thousands of Unani soldiers near the Magadh boundary before heading back. You will have to give him my message (tells in his ears). You will do it alone. She gives him a necklace given to her by her father. They will hear you. My father will then make sure he takes revenge of my insult here. Siamak hides it in his clothes and leaves from there.

Ashoka is all set to go somewhere with a few soldiers. Kaurvaki comes there. She wants to accompany him but he suggests making arrangements for her to visit the state. She refuses to go anywhere alone. Your mother said today only that. Ashoka says I know it already. I am going for an important work. She refuses to let him go anywhere without her. Either I will come along or you also wont go. Acharya Radha Gupta tells Ashoka to give up before a woman. Ashoka agrees. Who can stop a woman when she makes up her mind to do something? Acharya Radha Gupta smiles.

Bindu comes to the room where all the photos of his beloved / brave martyrs have been kept. He recalls the day he was made to sit on the throne. You (Acharya Chanakya) did everything in your power to strengthen Maurya lineage. Your appearance only makes everyone at peace. On the other hand, it’s me, who ashamed his own people. After today, history will always take my name as a weak Samrat. Forget about holding the empire together, I couldn’t even hold my family together. There have been so many issues inside that I couldn’t see. I could not see the enemies who were right inside my family. I kept sheltering the culprits and punishing the innocent people. It proves I got swayed by everyone’s words. I trusted people blindly. My own mother, my brother wanted to kill me! The supposedly ideal family turned into a family against the society today. My son was killed right before my eyes. I was about to kill my innocent son with my own hands. I am a failed son, disciple, father and Raja. I am stain on my family’s name. I don’t know if I will ever be able to change it to good. I still don’t know where I went wrong. He faints.

Ashoka comes to the gunsmith’s place. You made the weapons used to kill Acharya Chanakya? He points at a few daggers. Do you recognize them? The gunsmith accepts making them but has no clue who used them to kill Acharya Chanakya. Ashoka holds his neck while questioning him. Was it someone from the royal family? Acharya Radha Gupta signals Ashoka to stop. Ashoka lets go the guy. The gunsmith says I would have known if it was someone from the royal family. Anyone who comes here hides his identity though. I don’t know who took them but yet, they are made by me only. Ashoka orders the soldiers to arrest him.

Ashoka, Kaurvaki and Acharya Radha Gupta come to the where they see a marriage happening. She wants to see it but Ashoka tells her to come. Acharya Radha Gupta gestures him to let her see it. Ashoka says shall we.

The soldiers pick up Bindu.

Ashoka and kaurvaki are welcomed by the family. They are made to wear a crow made by flowers.

A soldier informs Dharma and Shubhrasi that Bindu is unwell. He is on his deathbed.

Kaurvaki imagines getting married to Ashoka. She smiles shyly but then realises it was her dream. She still looks happy. Ashoka feels restless. It feels as if something wrong is going to happen.

Dharma comes to Bindu’s room. Charu sends the soldier to call Raj vaid. Dharma asks about Ashoka from others.

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka if there is some problem. He shakes his head.

Sushim asks a soldier about Siamak but he has no clue. Where can he go without telling anyone? He notices a branch going down. Why Siamak did ran away like this without telling anyone?

Siamak comes to the camp where the Unani’s are. He shows Helena necklace to a soldier and introduces himself as the grandson of Nicator.

The couple meets Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Ashoka wants to go as he cannot see anyone parting from their parents. Kaurvaki calls it tradition. The couple look so happy together. A guy comes there just then asking the bride to come with him. Your father took loan from me. You will have to stay with me like my Daasi till it is repaid. He is taken aback to see Ashoka. The family has been serving them since 40 years already. Kaurvaki says they have been working without any question to pay back a small amount. Ashoka calls it abuse. You have to pay them now. I free this girl right now from you. She is free. The guy calls it injustice but Ashoka asks him to pay money to the girl now or he will be jailed for 18 years now. The guy says you have been appointed a Yuvraaj just now. You should consult your father. Ashoka agrees but he also knows that is father would think the same. The guy leaves calling it injustice. Many people share a similar problem with Ashoka. No one helped us till now. We have seen a ray of hope in you. Kaurvaki tells him to talk to Samrat to free everyone.

Siamak gives the necklace to the soldier to show to Nicator. The soldier goes inside. Siamak decides to find a perfect solution for Ashoka now.

Precap: Mahamatya tells the citizens that justice will happen. Father is unwell right now. The citizens are upset as Das tradition will leave them with nothing. Sushim talks to Charu about Ashoka misusing his rights. Charu tells him to do something. If your father dies then Ashoka will do anything. Dharma tells Bindu to rest. It isn’t right for you to get up. He tells her to make her son understand this.

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