Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016 Written Episode

Shubhrasi looks sadly at Drupad’s things. Ashoka comes there. She tells him to leave. Don’t come near me. I don’t want the shadow of my killer to fall on me. Will you do a favour on me? Kill me just the way you killed my son! I will be free from this pain now. I will be with my son. He kneels down before her. Ask your heart once. Can I think of hurting Drupad? I will never forgive myself for whatever happened. I wont forget those who are responsible for it! A new chapter of Magadh’s history will start today. A death of Maurya’s lineage will not go in vain. Drupad’s death will not go in vain. He will get justice. This will be my tribute to Drupad.

Mahamatya thinks Ashoka is still not here. The time is up. They hear a bell. Ashoka and Kaurvaki enter just then. Bindu says I am happy that you respected the time you had decided upon and came back. I would have felt guilty if I had thought that I freed a traitor. Ashoka says I would never let a stain come in your name. Bindu calls it a stain on his name already as he is here guilty of killing his own brother. I was proud to call you my son. I am feeling ashamed today.

Sushim, Siamak and Helena ask Bindu to punish the traitor. His crime has been proved already. Bindu gives a chance to Ashoka to say something in his favour. Ashoka says brother has already said everything. Now you only have to follow your raj-dharma. I had sworn in mother’s name that I will accept everything if I am unable to prove my innocence. I accept it that I am responsible for Drupad’s death. Charu and Sushim are relieved.

Bindu asks Ashoka if he understands what he is saying. Ashoka nods. bindu is disappointed to see him here without a proof. If anything happens to you then I! Yet you call yourself responsible for Drupad’s death? Ashoka says why Samrat Bindusar, Chandragupta Maurya’s son, is feeling pensive about punishing a criminal. Since when did you act partial in doing justice? Your father wouldn’t have waited this long. I would have been dead by now if it was him in your place. Charu tells him to stay in his limits. Bindu says it isn’t that someone in this meeting openly accepted his mistake thereby paining him. I cannot describe my pain today in words. I am still hoping if I my son! Ashoka points out that no one here accepts him to be his son. I have been always called a Daasi Putra. Everyone was quiet, including you. It means everyone accepted it. Why feel pain then? It is sad to be thinking while punishing Drupad’s criminal! It is shameful for both me and Magadh. I had no idea Magadh’s Samrat will be this weak! Bindu walks angrily towards him and raises his sword to attack on him. Ashoka holds it with his bare hands. Ashoka shows him the arrow. This is my last wish. Kill me with this arrow, not sword. Sushim asks him why this drama. Ashoka asks him if there is some problem or if it cannot kill him. Just the way Drupad was shot dead by this arrow, shoot me from this arrow only. He asks Samrat why he stopped again. Did a Samrat lose out to a father today?

Samrat keeps his sword back in the sheath. He picks up a bow and takes the arrow from Ashoka. Dharma looks on shocked. Ashoka steps back. Dharma requests Samrat to stop. He is innocent. Ashoka tells his mother not to stop his father from following his dharma. Bindu orders her to leave if she cannot see this. She sadly goes from there. Bindu shoots the arrow but it does not hit Ashoka. It goes in a completely different direction. Bindu looks shocked.

Ashoka picks up the arrow. Bindu asks Ashoka what it means. Ashoka calls the arrow the proof of his innocence. It isn’t a miracle that I am alive or that father failed in hitting me. This isn’t an ordinary arrow. This is the same arrow that I shot yesterday. It dint hurt Drupad. Radha Gupta asks him to say it clearly. Ashoka says I did shoot the arrow but it went against me because of someone from my own loved ones who are against me. Sushim instigated me yesterday. There was someone who wanted me to hurt father. Sushim says no one will believe it. You are diverting the topic. Bindu tells Ashoka to keep talking. Ashoka speaks of the direction of the arrow which was shot towards Bindu. My arrow went in another direction just like it did today. I lost myself when is saw Drupad thus. I was blamed for no reason and I had no proof to prove my innocence. But the truth is, Satyamev Jayate. When there was no hope for me to live, Kaurvaki saw something which proved it that it was not a coincidence. Sadly, someone inside the palace is plotting against me. On the other hand, the princess of our enemy state was doing everything to save me. I had only one proof but no evidence to justify it. Bindu realises that he got the arrow last night only. Why dint you tell me anything then? Ashoka knows he would have understood it as a father. the arrow was not a proof enough to find the killers. I had to figure out who that person is. Sushim asks him if he got to know something. Ashoka tells him to wait. I will tell everyone everything today only. I went to the weapons’ room directly.

A flashback is shown. An expert explains Ashoka about the arrow. Such arrows are used to create an illusion and kill enemies. Ashoka wonders who made it. The guy says people of Magadh don’t cheat. They are made where people cheat others. Flashback ends.

Ashoka says such arrows are only made in Unan. Helena asks him for proof. How does it prove that you dint shoot it. Ashoka shares that he went to the room where the arrow that shot Drupad was kept. He shows the arrow to everyone. This was shot at Drupad. Raj Vaid can himself tell you what he found out. Raj Vaid shares that the entire arrow is poisonous. If someone even touches it on their lips, then the person will die. Such arrows are only made in Unan and used there. Everyone looks at Helena. Siamak is highly tensed.

Precap: Bindu wants to know how Unani’s dared to do it. Ashoka points out that there is only one person here who is associated with Unani’s here, who can have sympathy with Unanis’ – Rajmata Helena! Helena accepts if all before Bindu.

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