Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th March 2016 Written Episode

Charu is worried if Sushim will do his job in time. Helena is sure of it. He is Param Shakti. He can do anything.

Both Sushim and Ashoka are given 3 arrows each. Sushim intentionally misses hitting bull’s eye in the first shot. The rest of the shots are a perfect shot though. On the other hand, Bindu addresses people. It is Ashoka’s turn now. Sushim reminds him to seek his Guru’s blessings. Both Ashoka and Karuvaki close their eyes. Sushim replaces the arrow. Indrajeet climbs up a tree. Sushim signals him to wait. Ashoka shoots the first arrow. It hits bull’s eye. Kaurvaki smiles.

Helena comes to talk to Bindu about something important.

Ashoka takes the next aim. Sushim keeps signalling his friend to wait. Kaurvaki looks proudly at Ashoka for he hits another bull’s eye.

Helena tells Bindu she isn’t getting permission to go meet her father. this is why I have come before the citizens with my plea.

Ashoka picks up the last arrow.

Bindu tells Helena she does not need anyone’s permission. I will make arrangements for it. She tells him not to worry about her. I want to free you from your duties. He is confused.

Sushim signals Indrajeet to be ready. Flashback shows him telling Indrajeet to be ready to shoot if Ashoka misses his aim.

Drupad tells his father he is the Nanha Samrat for the day. I will make preps for Dadi’s departure.

Ashoka shoots the arrow. Bindu ducks so as to pick Drupad in his arms. Ashoka’s arrow hits on the wall. Indrajeet’s arrow hits Drupad leaving everyone shocked. Helena says Ashoka hit Drupad.

Bindu calls for Raj vaid. Everyone gathers there. Sushim too looks worried. Indrajeet hides the bow and arrows under hay. Sushim gets thinking. How did this happen? How did Drupad get hurt in place of father? he feels like vomiting. Blood comes out of his mouth. He remembers tantric’s words. Ashoka and Kaurvaki come there. Drupad is in pain. Charu thinks to make use of this opportunity. Ashoka should not be saved this time.

Shubhrasi tells Dharma that Drupad likes the laddoos made by Dharma. Charu comes to tell her that Ashoka shot Drupad. Shubhrasi drops the plate in her hands. Charu says he is lying injured where Samrat meets the citizens. First Sushim and now Drupad! Don’t know what Ashoka is up to. Both the Rani’s rush out to see Drupad. Charu is sure of Ashoka’s downfall.

Bindu shakes Drupad to keep him awake. He screams Ma. Shubhrasi comes running there. She cries seeing him thus. Ashoka tries to go near him but Sushim hits him. I wont let even your shadow fall on my brother. Drupad extends his hand towards Ashoka. Ashoka picks him up in his arms. Forgive me, Nanhe Samrat. I couldn’t save you. I don’t know how this happened. I dint do it intentionally. Sushim tells him to stop acting. Ashoka asks Drupad if he trusts him. Drupad keeps his hand on Ashoka’s mouth. Ashoka cries. Drupad closes his eyes and his hand falls down freely. Shubhrasi screams shocked. A Dassi informs Radha Gupta.

Charu blames Ashoka for killing his younger brother. It was his birthday today. We understand your enmity with Siamak and Sushim. What harm did Drupad do to you? Shubhrasi calls Ashoka a killer. Leave my son. She takes Drupad from Ashoka’s lap. Just the way you snatched my son from me, God will snatch everything from you! It is my curse to you. God will never forgive you. Ashoka sits there quietly and teary eyed. I did not hit him intentionally. It was an accident. Sushim seconds him. The arrow was actually shot to kill Samrat. Father would have been hurt if he hadn’t ducked down to pick up Drupad. Ashoka tells him to be quiet but Sushim refuses to sit quietly. Your arrogant, wishes and hopes to sit on the throne took the life of a brother. No one can stop me today. Charu points out that this place isn’t right. Sushim knows it but it is my responsibility to tell Ashoka’s truth before it is too late. Drupad trusted Ashoka the most and he only cheated him. He turns to his father. this is what you chose for Yuvraaj position. Do you still think you dint make any mistake? Do justice with everyone including Drupad. I don’t think the day will be far when Ashoka will kill the rest of his brothers and you will just keep looking. I saw it with my own eyes. Justice will happen when the culprit will be punished.

Siamak says Drupad saved Samrat by bringing out the truth of this devil. We have to do justice. People request Samrat to do justice. Shubhrasi too asks for the same. Bindu helplessly calls a meeting.

Mahamatya address the issue of this meeting. Ashoka calls it a lie. Why will I do so? Sushim says you don’t want to wait to become a Samrat. Ashoka calls his thinking cheap. I hate to call you my brother. Bindu tells him to stay in the limits of the meeting. Ashoka relates everything. Sushim says our aim was on the other side while we are here. We can Ashoka Maha Yodha. I agree something can go wrong but the direction is completely different. It can only happen when Ashoka has something else in his mind. Bindu asks Ashoka to speak up who is confused as to how the arrow changed its course. Radha Gupta asks if the arrow is the same which Ashoka uses. Mahamatya confirms it. Ashoka’s arrows have a white feather. Radha Gupta says maybe someone else shot it. Sushim agrees. But someone else has to be there too. it was only three of us there. You can consult Kaurvaki. I am sure she will speak truth. Kaurvaki says as far as I know Ashoka he will not think of killing any of his loved ones. Helena tells her to speak matter of factly. Kaurvaki says no one else was there. Bindu remarks that all the evidences prove Ashoka a culprit. I will announce the punishment after doing the last rites of my son Drupad.

Precap: Kaurvaki comes to meet Ashoka when he is the jail. He says he cannot go out. She tells him that the arrow which hurt Drupad had poison on it. Sushim and his allies get to know that Ashoka is missing. Sushim goes to look for Ashoka. Ashoka comes to Helena’s room. He finds the box there.

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