Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14th March 2016 Written Episode

Tantric tells Sushim to go back if he wants to hear false info. Sushim asks him if he will never sit on the throne. Tantric replies that he did not say that. Sushim repeats his words to him. Tantric suggests changing present. The future can change automatically. That big serpent could do noithing to you after you drank the water. Faith is everything. Have faith in me and surrender yourself to me. Sushim kneels down before him with folded hands. Tantric gives him something. The biggest obstacle in your way of the throne will be finished tomorrow. Sushim asks him if he means Ashoka. Tantric denies. Samrat will be dead tomorrow. Sushim asks him who will do so. Tantric smiles. The moon comes out of the clouds.

Bindu and Dharma are sleeping at night. Someone comes in the room holding a dagger. He stabs Bindu. Dharma wakes up with a start. She looks worriedly at Bindu. Are you alright? He nods. She says it was my bad dream then. He knows she is worried that Acharya’s killers are still alive and free. It wont go on for long.

Drupad wishes happy birthday to himself. Everyone must be waiting for me to wake up, wish me and give me gifts. Ma must have made laddoos for me. He jumps down from his bed. Shubhrasi comes there. She tells him to get ready asap. Father has called an important meeting. Everyone has to be there. He is confused. She tells him to get ready himself. You have grown up now. He nods. I have grown up today more. Drupad thinks his mother wants to wish him along with father.

Dharma brings Prasad to Bindu. Drupad asks for it. She feeds it to him and they both leave from there. Drupad looks at them confused.

Helena instructs Siamak to keep distance from Ashoka till the investigations are on. Drupad joins them. He asks her if she will not stay back for his sake. Siamak asks him what’s so important today. Do you mean more to her than her father? Or is it your Abhishek today? Don’t waste our time. Leave. Drupad is sad to think that no one remembers his birthday.

Sushim gives the ashes to Charu. If Dharma drinks it then she will be forced to kill Samrat. He is sure this will solve their problems. Charu laughs thinking Yuvraj Ashoka will be forced to give death penalty to his mother then. We all know it isn’t going to happen. He cannot see his mother die before his eyes. He will have to renounce his position then. Sushim nods. Drupad looks at them as they both laugh. He asks them why they are laughing. Sushim hides the ashes behind his back. Drupad wants to see it. Is it a gift for me? Sushim denies. Ask your brother Ashoka about it.

Ashoka tells Kaurvaki to make sure no one gets to know of this plan. She nods. I will bring Sushim and Siamak at that place at the same time. Drupad comes there. Ashoka leaves just then. He is sure his brother would recall it is his birthday today. Kaurvaki notices him sad. What happened? He says nothing and leaves from there. Kaurvaki smiles. They hear the announcement of the court meeting starting.

Bindu announces a prize for anyone who will give them info of Acharya Chanakya’s killers. Ashoka has already started an investigation. I have invited weapon makers from Patliputra. We can find out if any of them has made that weapon. Bindu is proud of his decision of making Ashoka, Yuvraaj. Someone rings the bell. A soldier says someone has come to make a request. Bindu tells him to allow him in.

Drupad walks inside. I have to come here like this only if no one in the family has time to listen to me. Bindu asks him what it is. Drupad shares that no one recalled it is his birthday today. no one wished me or blessed me. Everyone smiles. Bindu accepts they are guilty of this crime. Your elder brother Yuvraaj Ashoka is the biggest culprit. he asked us not to wish you. Drupad is confused. ashoka tells him to wait to find out. He blindfolds Drupad’s eyes. You have to do what I say now. Helena wants to leave but is losing patience because of this drama. Sushim wants to find a chance to put this into use.

Siamak asks Sushim if it was any use to meet the tantric. Sushim asks him why he is curious now. Siamak offers to help him in case he needs him in anything. Sushim advises him to keep his fear to himself. It can take us down. Siamak finds him too arrogant. It is important for Rajmata to find a solution to this problem.

Ashoka brings Drupad to a place. Everyone wishes Drupad. Flower petals are showered on him. Drupad is touched. I have never been wished this way. He calls Ashoka his favourite brother. Rajpurohit ji does Drupad’s aarti. Ashoka thanks Kaurvaki for her help. She knows he is stuck in a lot right now. I can only say, as important it is to push evil away, it is equally important to spread goodness in our lives. Shubhrasi thanks Dharma for her help. Dharma replies that Drupad is no just her son.

Charu thinks this time is right. Everyone is busy in celebrations. No one will notice us. She asks Sushimt to keep an eye on Ashoka. I will mix the ashes in the milk and feed them to Dharma. Drupad seeks the blessings of elders. Charu mixes it in a glass. Drupad seeks her blessings. I have been looking for you. Dharma tells her to keep a hand on his head so as to bless him. She takes the tray from Charu. Charu looks at the tray in confusion now. Someone else picks up the tray next. Sushim and Charu look on worried. Sushim offers to serve the guests which leaves the servant surprised. Sushim wonders which glass contains the ashes. The members of royal family pick one glass each. Only one glass is left. Helena asks Charu to drink it. Charu picks it up but looks hesitant. She acts feeling dizzy and intentionally drops the glass. Ashoka gets concerned but Sushim assures him nothing will happen to his mother till he is there. Helena follows them outside.

Drupad thanks everyone for making his birthday memorable. Bindu hopes he has forgiven him by now. Drupad asks for a gift. Bindu tells him to go ahead. What do you want?

Sushim thinks fate is not with them. We got one chance to kill father to make everything happen as per our wish. Everything is ruined because of Drupad. Charu is also irked.

Drupad wants everyone to follow their orders for today. I will truly be Nanhe Samrat today. Make me Samrat for a day. Bindu allows him. He makes a proper announcement of the same.

Precap: Sushim wonders how to kill Samrat. Helena says Samrat is going to meet people now. Ashoka will hit him with an arrow now. Sushim appoints someone as a backup. If Ashoka fails in his hit then you can shoot. Everyone looks on shocked as Ashoka shoots an arrow.

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