Brahmarakshas 25th December 2016 Written Episode

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Mohini ties Naina and hides her in store room. Raina goes to store room. Mohini comes there and acts that she saw rat and takes Raina from there. Naina tries to shout, but cannot due to her mouth and extremities being tied. Mohini takes out Raina and tells she will ask servant to clean store room and says everyone is shocked after Naina’s truth came out. Raina says even she is shocked after knowing Naina’s truth. Mohini asks her to prepare kheer. Raina prepares kheer and takes hot water bag to Rishab’s room and forcefuly applies it to his sprain. He says he is fine. She says his laziness has got him a bubble tummy. Risab asks where is bubble tummy. She shows his tummy. He unzips his jacket and asks where is it. Raina jokes it is here. Mitali comes in
and shies seeing Rishab open shirt and says she came in wrong time. Rishab asks if she can see bubble tummy. Raina winks at Mitali and Mitali says yes, she says Raina prepared kheer for everyone, so he should come down and have it. Mohini enters kitchen and mixes sleeping pills in kheer, thinks Raina will fall unconscious after consuming kheer and then she will use Raina to return Brahmarakshas’ power.

Raina serves kheer to all family members. Yug hesitates to eat. Daadi insists and he drops bowl acting as by mistake. Rishab silently keeps back kheer thinking chindi called him bubble tummy, he will not eat her kheer. Raina tells Yug she will get another kheer bowl, but he walks away. Mohini always walks away silently.

Naina goes to her room and falls asleep after consuming sleeping pills mixed kheer. Yug enters, picks Raina and walks out of house. Rishab feels hungry and gets out of his room to have kheer. He sees main door open and thinks who kept door open and walks out to check. A few goons wait in jungle discusing that gori mem/Kiara gave them pity amount to kidnap Raina, they should have asked her 50% advance, who knows she may not give money later. They see Yug dropping Raina in his car and speeding away, so they start following Yug. In asur sthal, Kanakaraj tells Brahmarakshas that once Raina is brought here, he will use Raina’s blood and Brahmarakshas’ power back. Brahmarakshas roars that Kanakaraj betrayed him and lifts him via neck. Mohini reaches and attacks Brahmarakshas with arrrow and he throws Kanakaraj back down and falls unconscious.

Goons stop yug’s car. Yug rams them and speeds away. Rishab reaches spot on bike and sees goons on road and asks wat happened here. In asur sthhal Mohini tells Kanakaraj that they should disguise themself before Raina wakes up as she is vey dangerous. Yug reaches carrying Raina and says goons had attacked him, so he rammed them with his car and sped away. Kammo in haveli searches Yug thinks she tried to trap her earlier owners, but nobody fell in her trap, except Yug, she will extract money from Yug. She hears sound in Yug’s room and silently walks in. Afer a bit of drama, she steals Naina’s saris and jewelry. Kanakaraj heats a needle and asks Mohini to draw blood from Raina’s body. Mohini is about to piece needle in Raina’s body when Kanakaraj stops her and says she has to wait until moonlight falls. Yug yells. Moon light falls. Kanakaraj heats needle again and asks Yug to withdraw blood now. Just when he is about to pierce needle into Raina’s body, Rishab comes on his bike and rams on all 3 of them. They fall down and needle pierces Mohini instead. Brahmarakshas roars on Rishab and tries to attack him. Rishab ties unconscious Raina to his back and speeds away. Brahmarakshas gets out o control. Kanakaraj asks Mohini and Yug to escape while he controls Brahmarakshas somehow. They both run away. Brahmarakshas attacks Kanakaraj and he falls down. Mohini and Yug start running in jungle. Brahmarakshas comes in front of them.

Kammo wears Naina’s clothes and praises herself in mirror. She thinks Yug is still in bathrooom nd calls him to come out. She opens door and finds no one in. She then hears door sound and runs away carrying Naina’s sari and jewelry bag. Rishab enters home carrying Raina and sees her running away and thinks who is she, she may not be Naina. He takes Raina to her room and akes her sleep on bed. Naina in sleep asks who was it. Rishab these those 3 goons must be Naina’s puppets, so there are many puppets around the house. Raina in sleep asks Rishab not to leave her alone. Rishab asks her not to worry, he will come soon. Once he leaves room. Mohini watches him going and asks Yug to huriedly go and sleep in his room and feels needle piercing pain. Rishab goes to Yug’s room and sees him asleep. He then goes to Mohini’s room and sees her missing and Nalin asleep. Mohini comes from outside and says she is feeling light headed. He takes her to room and she asks him to go. He wishes good night and thinks everyone are fine at home except Raina, that means someone is trying to attack Raina, who she/she must be.

In the morning, Daadi bua tells she is feeling headache and asks Nalin if he is feeling headache. Nalin says yes. Kiara and other family members also feel pain Mohini acts. Mitali brings lemon juice for everyone and says even he is feeling headache. Nalin asks why did she prepare lemon juice, where is Kammo. Yug comes and Mohini asks if he is also feeling headache. Daadi says he is looking fine. Yug says he had taken medicine and will for them all all. Raina comes down with Rishab. Daadi asks Raina what happened to her. Rishab says someone had kidnapped her yesterday night. Mohini starts acting and daadi says how can someone kidnap her when there are so many people at home. Rishab says Raina was unconscious and does not know what happened. Daadi says she feels someone mixed sleeping pills. Nalin says yes…mitali says Naina must have done it. Raina says Naina cannot be. Daadi says they all ate kheer last. Rishab says he found Raina in asur sthal and 3 people were trying to attack her. Daadi says that means someone from home has done it and points at Kiara. Rishab says he saw someone running yesterday night and looked like Kammo. Raina says Kammo mixed dryy fruits in kheer, if she is the one. Mohini says if Kammo is helping Naina. Daadi calls Kammo. She comes running. Daadi asks why did not she prepare breakfast. Kammo says she was asleep as she was awake whole night. Daadi asks if she did not hear someone’s voice at night. Kiara thinks her goons must have done it.

Precap: Shivam finds Brahmarakshas’ finger prints on Kanakaraj’s neck and follows him. He finds him entering asur sthal and meeting Brahmarakshas. Raina reminscies one among 3 masked goons getting injured, reminisces even Mohini having same injury and realizes Mohini is the one who is helping Brahmarakshas.

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