Brahmarakshas 17th December 2016 Written Episode

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Raina walks in jungle looking at map to get sanjeevani boti/herb. Kanakaraj with Brahmarakshas follows her and he orders Brahmarakshas to protect Raina when she gets into trouble but not come in front of her. Raina continues walking and finds a bridge connecting 2 mountains. She walks on it, but slips and falls. Brahmarakshas holds her and pulls her up. She thinks if she really saw Brahmarakshas. She then continues walking. At home, Daadi bua gets worried for Raina and feels chest pain. Mitali rushes and brings her water. Naina thinks who must be Yug’s mistress. She sees Kammo in kitchen applying her lipstick and realizes she is the one. She starts following Kammo. Daadi stops her and says she wants to perform pooja for Raina and asks her to arrange pooja thali.
Naina says she has important work. Daadi says this work is more important.

Raina continues walking and falls down. She strikes a stone and realizes nothing happened to her. Brahmarakshas saves her, but she thanks Devi maa for helping her. She sees magical tree which Kanakraj had mentioned. Tree starts glowing. Raina gets very happy seeing life in dead tree. A door opens and she enters in. Kanakaraj tells Brahmarakshas that Raina is a pure soul, so only she can get into tree and get sanjeevani. Brahmarakshas tries to break tree unsuccessfully. Kanakaraj says he told that only Raina can go in and she will come out with sanjeevani safely. Raina sees a big house below tree. She then sees whole place turning into village and thinks what is happening. A voice tells it is her inner voice and this is her imagination. She sees her foster father tied to a tried with rope around his neck and pleading her to save him. She asks if he is alive. Voice tells a dead man can be alive if she helps him. She then sees Rishab and Mohini pleading to save them. Voice asks if she will save her father or Mohini. Father says he brought her up like his own daughter. Mohini says she considered her as her daughter. Raina cries what she should do now. She then sees herself waking up again in dark house andd sees sanjeevani boti bottle. Voiceover asks her to take the boti bootle after killing Mohini or her father. She says she will kill herself and end this drama at once. Voiceover says he was testing her and asks to pick bottle and go back. Raina picks bottle and gets out of tree. Brahmarakshas attacks her and she pleads her not to take Brahmarakshas boti as it is for Rishab. He snatches bottle and pushes her away. she falls down. He tries to drink it, but with daadi bua’s prays god helps her and bottle falls from Brahmarakshas’ hand. Raina picks it back. Brahmarakshas disappears.

Mohini uses black magic and calls Brahmarakshas, but he does not come. Kanakaraj calls her and says she told Brahmarakshas is under her control, but it is not and tried to drink sanjeevani boti, Raina took bottle though now. Mohini fumes in anger. After pooja, Daadi bua shows aarti to Mohini. Mohini hesitates. Daadi bua says her hands are paining now. Mohini hesitantly accepts aarti. Naina goes to her room and sees Yug’s mobile. She tries to open it to know whom yug is behind and sees Rakhi’s screensaver. Yug comes and fumes seeing mobile in her hand. She panics seeing him. He tortures her. Mohini comes and calls him out. He leaves pushing Naina on floor. Naina’s hand gets injured. Mohini informs Yug that Raina took away sanjeevani and they have to get it from her. Raina walks in jungle and falls into a pit. She pleads for help. Mohini and Yug with mask on come in front of her and instead of helping burn grass around pit. Raina shouts for help. Shivam passes by and throws stones on Yug and Mohini. They both run away. Shivam then rescues Raina and asks what is she doing here. She says she had gone to get sanjeevani boti for Rishab.

Raina reaches home with sanjeevani boti. Kiara snatches bottle from her and she falls down. Daadi comes and asks what is this. Kiara says she is Rishab’s wife and only she can feed sanjeevani boti to Rishab. Nalin says she is right. Daadi says she is elder in this house, Raina brought it and only she has right. Raina says Mohini should feed it as she is Rishab’s mother and most worried for his life. Mohini angrily feeds boti to Rishab. Whole family eaerly wait around him. He wakes up. Raina gets very happy. Rishab says Raina’s chameli oil smell woke him up. Raina smiles. Whole family leaves asking Rishab to rest.

Raina goes down to get make soup for Rishab. She sees Naina’s hand injured and asks what happened. Naina says she slipped and fell. Naina thinks even one behind Brahmarakshas had slipped, if Naina is the culprit. Yug enters Rishab’s room and tries to steal sanjeevani boti, but Raina enters with soup. He keeps back bottle. Raina asks him to help her correct Rishab’s bedcover. He does and leaves. Rishab wakes up. Raina says Yug was here. Rishab says he did not realize bhaiya was here. She says she brought him soup. A romantic song…jeene ki wajah tum ho…plays in the background. Once Raina goes out, Mohini enters and steals bottle. Raina returns and Mohini hides behind wall and messages Yug to take Raina out. Yug comes and asks Raina to help him in selelecting Rishab’s medications. Rainna walks with him. Mohini escapes silently. Yug asks Raina to be with Rishab, he will manage. Raina goes back and sees bottle missing. She rushes down and asks Kammo if she saw anyone going. Kammo says Naina. Raina thinks for sure Naina is the one behind Brahmarakshas.

Precap: Raina calls Brahmarakshas and says she got boti. Daadi bua tells Nalin that whatever Raina did to them, they cannot repay her even with tranferring their whole wealth. Raina and Rishab are in market, Brahmarakshas attacks them.

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